Friday, October 9 2015 @ Phoenix Theater: Star Guitars Presents Skitzo, Trecelence, TheLeaders


DATE: Friday, October 9 2015
TIME: 8:00pm – 11:30pm
LOCATION: Phoenix Theater
PERFORMERS: Skitzo, Trecelence, TheLeaders, Shadow of Eve, Scrape The Earth, Gangrene and Kaptowka
GENRE: Metal
COST: $12

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Star Guitars Music Store in Santa Rosa presents: Skitzo, Trecelence, TheLeaders, Shadow of Eve, Scrape The Earth, Gangrene and Kaptowka at the Phoenix on 10/9.

Facebook event page here.

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Saturday, October 24th 2015 @ Hopmonk Sebastopol: STIMULI, Over The Falls, Strange Groove

Hopmunk Tavern - Sebastopol, CA

DATE: Saturday, October 24th 2015
TIME: 8pm
LOCATION: Hopmonk Sebastopol
PERFORMERS: STIMULI, Over The Falls, Strange Groove
GENRE: Rock, Alternative, Progressive
COST: $10

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Oakland rock band STIMULI return to The Abbey at Hopmonk Sebastopol with Sonoma County rock band Over The Falls and San Jose’s Strange Groove.

Presented by

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VIDEO: The Ghost Next Door – “Eleven O’Clock Blues”

The Ghost Next Door played last night at the Valley Fire Benefit show at Spanckys in Cotati along with Beyond the Oaks and Quart of Blood Technique (each one amazing in their own right). Check out this video of TGND’s song entitled, “Eleven O’Clock Blues” – the last song they played in their set last night. Metal doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

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Friday, September 25 @ Spanckys Bar: The Ghost Next Door, The Quart of Blood Technique, Beyond the Oaks

Spanckys Bar

DATE: Friday, September 25
TIME: 8:30pm
LOCATION: Spanckys Bar
PERFORMERS: The Ghost Next Door, The Quart of Blood Technique, Beyond the Oaks
GENRE: Metal

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: VALLEY FIRE BENEFIT SHOW: Come out for a night of great music and a great cause! Raffle, free appetizers, live performances. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the people in need. For donations or for more info on this event, please call 707-408-3444.

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VIDEO: Adicript – “Martyrs of the Blanket Hand”

Here’s a new lyric video from prog rockers Adicript of their song, “Martyrs of the Blanket Hand”. A dynamic song structure makes you think and the musical styling / heavy grit will make you want to throw some chairs around the room. Keep an eye out for these guys as they rock more and more heads in Sonoma County.

BIO: Adicript is a Santa Rosa based progressive rock band that strives to bring an uncompromising blend of technical musicianship and accessibility. The band formed in early 2013, with the creative chemistry between guitarist George Allen Cudworth and drummer David Gray as the catalyst, and the addition of singer Dustin Covington as the final piece of the puzzle. Since then, the trio has played numerous gigs, recorded the Ad Initium EP, and produced a large body of constantly evolving material, carefully crafting and refining their sound into something truly special. With George’s driving and articulate guitar work, David’s dynamic and layered drumming, and Dustin’s soaring melodies and poignant lyrics, the band hopes to share their musical vision with the world, and to do their part to bring rock back to the forefront of the music scene.

Check out their other pages:

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,
Reverbnation and Soundcloud.

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Friday July 10, 2015 @ Rohnert Park Farmers Market: Choppin Broccoli

SoCoRockDATE: Friday July 10, 2015
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
LOCATION: Rohnert Park Farmers Market
PERFORMERS: Choppin Broccoli
GENRE: 80’s rock hits

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Outdoors in “downtown” R.P. ~ A rockin good time of 80’s hits . . . including Ozzy, Judas Priest, The Cure etc . . . Free to all !

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PODCAST: Jamie (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Jamie - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastJamie (the second one) wrapped up the Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast last Sunday with a couple of original Ukelele songs. Her powerful voice combined with the tiny Concert Uke she held in her hands provided a natural dynamic that played perfectly together.

Thanks for the music, Jamie!





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PODCAST: Jamie and Mel (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Mel and Jamie - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastJamie and Mel kicked off the Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast as our first performers. With Jamie at the piano and Mel providing lead vocals, the duo gave us a glimpse into delicate subjects such as the death of comedian Robin Williams and the fame which the NFL brings (and subsequent fallout as the spotlight moves on).



P.S. Be sure to check out more songs by Jamie and Mel on their Reverbnation page.

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PODCAST: Sally and Justin (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Sally and Justin - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastWe made it through our first official Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast yesterday at Live Musicians Co-op!

Here is the broadcast audio from Sally and Justin who were so gracious as to come down and play a couple of songs for us. Thank you both again for the music – enjoy!






P.S. We will be sharing a HQ version later on that was recorded directly from the LMC sound console as well.

P.P.S. Check back tomorrow for audio and pictures from Jamie and Mel, and Jamie (the second Jamie) posted here.

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A Big *Thank You*

It’s great when even just a few people come out and share their music with us all. Today’s Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast was a success to us because of the great talent that came by and helped bring some new, live original performances to the Internet.

A big shout-out to Jamie and Mel, Justin and Sally, and our third act Jamie (yes – a second Jamie) for bringing some amazing live original music to SoCoRock Radio and Live Musicians Co-op. We’ll be posting pictures and audio here in the next few days for everyone to enjoy.

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Sunday, June 28 2015: Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast

Unsigned Acoustic Showcase - and Live Musicians Co-op

On June 28, 2015 SoCoRock and Live Musicians Co-op are putting on a special broadcast and recorded event. The Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast gives voice to the up-and-coming artists of Northern California.

Are you an aspiring musician or band? Do you have an original song you’d like to share? We’re looking for the best, the worst, the funniest original acoustic songs… and everything in between.

Any UN-amplified or processed instrument(s) are allowed including guitar, bass, piano (one is provided at the studio), drums (including hand drums of all types) and woodwind instruments, singers and vocalists. And, of course, a mix of any of them.

All genres, all styles, all ages and all skill levels are welcome.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

You will gather outside the Live Musicians Co-op new recording room in Santa Rosa, CA on Sunday, June 28th at 1:00pm. People will line up in a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each artist gets 10 minutes to talk and perform one original acoustic song, riff or idea. Everything is broadcast live on and also recorded by LMC – The best and most unique performances will be included on a special CD produced by Live Musicians Co-op and and showcased online.

Everyone is encouraged to come down and participate, hang out and network with other musicians.

Got a question? Please contact us.

Here is the official flier for the eventpdficon.

Here is the official Facebook event.

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