Sunday, October 26th 2014 @ Burgers and Vine: 3 on a Match

DATE: Sunday, October 26th 2014
TIME: 3pm to 5:30pm
LOCATION: Burgers and Vine
PERFORMERS: 3 on a Match
GENRE: Blues


Saturday, October 25th @ Burgers and Vine: Space Cowboys

DATE: Saturday, October 25th
TIME: 10pm to 2am
LOCATION: Burgers and Vine
PERFORMERS: Space Cowboys
GENRE: DJ Burning Man


Friday, October 24 2014 @ Burgers and Vine: Lester Chambers and more

Burgers and Vine

DATE: Friday, October 24 2014
TIME: 9:30pm – 12:30am
LOCATION: Burgers and Vine
PERFORMERS: Lester Chambers and more
GENRE: Blues
COST: No Cover

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: This week another amazing show!!!!! FRIDAY NIGHT!!!
Burgers and Vine a line up of great musicians. Lester Chambers from The Chambers Brothers will be one of the special guests. You really don’t want to miss this show. Also on stage will be Codi Binkley & Alex Gracia, Rich Kirch /guitar John Lee Hooker Band”, Leroy Bloom /Drums “Blues Project & Seatrain, Dave Aguilar /guitar “Norton Buffalo Band”, Willie Riser / bass “Luther Tucker and The Ford Blues Band” “Otis Clay”

VIDEO: Some Fear None (from Sacramento) – “Exit Wound”

Our neighbors from Sacramento, Some Fear None. This is a 2013 release, called “Exit Wound”. Let it pound your eardrums, they will thank you.

VIDEO: Zen Arcadia – “Being Born”

Alternative rock/punk from Sacramento, CA releases new music video, “Being Born”

From Zen Arcadia’s upcoming album “Earthquakes”

Copyright 2014

Zen Arcadia

Produced, mixed, & mastered by Brendan Duffey

Video created by Zen Arcadia

Additional live video provided by:

Shawn Ernst @ Threat Con Radio

Friday Aug 29 @ Aubergine After Dark & Vintage Emporium: The Business End, Over The Falls, Nate Lopez, The Illumignarly, Lungs and Limbs

DATE: Friday, August 29
TIME: 8:00pm
LOCATION: Aubergine After Dark & Vintage Emporium
PERFORMERS: The Business End, Over The Falls, Nate Lopez – (7 and 8 string guitarist), The Illumignarly, Lungs and Limbs
COST: $8 at the door
AGE RESTRICTION: All ages, 21+ for bar access

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Live on FRIDAY, AUGUST 29th at THE NEW AUBERGINE in Sebastopol, CA, come celebrate the release of The Business End’s new EP: Guns, Germs and Feels. With appearances by:

The Business End
Over The Falls
Nate Lopez – 7 and 8 string guitarist
The Illumignarly
Lungs and Limbs

Tickets are $8 at the door. Come out, support local music, eat, drink and get radical.

755 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol, California 95472

VIDEO: Manzanita Falls LIVE @ Hopmunk Tavern (Sebastopol, CA)

Check out the dynamic folk/indie rock group Manzanita Falls from their live show at Hopmunk Tavern in Sebastopol on August 15, 2014.

Big thanks to Burning Token for yet another great quality live video.

Music from Oakland Hard Rockers Stimuli

STIMULI is an Oakland, California rock band formed by vocalist Kris Nova, guitarist Jimmy Tomahawk, drummer Cole Andrew and bassist Tai Hake. After forming in 2013, STIMULI entered the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California to begin tracking their debut EP.

Released on May 13th 2014, the 6 track debut effort exemplifies the breadth and depth of each members affinity for the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, the seething grunge of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains as well as the complex progressive rock of King Crimson and Rush. The sum of these influences often results in comparisons of STIMULI to contemporary prog-rock torch bearers such as Porcupine Tree, Tool and Karnivool.

STIMULI’s music is ambitious enough to push musical boundaries in the spirit of the “Progressive”, unusual enough to be an “Alternative”, dense and edgy enough to be “Hard Rock” yet still emotive, dynamic and thought provoking.

VIDEO: Toy Called God – “Down”

Brentwood, California’s got a powerhouse on their hands. Toy Called God just released their new music video, “Down”. Directed by Mike Sloat of The King Must Die, it tells the story of something almost anyone can relate to – a bad relationship.

From video description:

Toy Called God Official video for the song Down, from the 2014 release Guns God and Steel. Directed and produced by Mike Sloat. Copyright 2014 Toy Called God All Rights reserved.

Band Website Bio:

\m/ (◣_◢) \m/ Destroying entire towns in single nights, warping your minds and sucking your brains dry, keeping chiropractors in business performing neck-cranial adjustments. \m/(⋋▂⋌)\m/
Toy Called God is a groove Metal band from Brentwood California that mixes crushing distortion, great hooks and an amazing ability to make your head bang involuntarily. The band was started when Tyson Cliff, Patrick Donovan, Zack Cliff and Mike Rukavina met at Zack’s house for the first time. The four then placed an ad for a bassist, and soon Dustin Phillips was added to the Toy Called God mix. Soon after Mike was dismissed from the lineup. TCG released our demo “Only One Menace” in Jan 2011. We went onto win William May’s Rock N Roll Pages’, Band Of The Year, Best New Band, Song of the Year, Guitarist of the Year behind that demo and a relentless schedule of shows and a strong marketing campaign in 2011. The band released our Debut CD August 5th 2012 with Kill Devil Hill in Oakland California. The band would release the Only One Menace video soon thereafter. Having played shows all over the west coast as well as well other places, the band won Top Overall Honors in the 2013 Project Independent contest and will be playing dates on the Project Independent Tour in 2014. Radio Riff also voted Only One Menace from the band’s debut album Song Of The Year “Riffie” award for 2013. Since inception the band has developed relationships with and endorses and recommends, Fireplant Guitars, Warwick Basses, HomeWrecker Pickups, Steve Clayton Picks, Knucklehead Strings, Pick Caddy, Soul Tone Cymbals and Sure Fuck Cologne. Our second cd Guns God and Steel is due this April. We hope to see you all soon.Toy Called is Tyson Cliff, Dustin Phillips, Patrick Donovan and Josh Reynolds.

VIDEO: HUGElarge – “Castaway” (Derailed Freight Train cover)

Check out HUGElarge playing “Castaway” by Derailed Freight Train live at The Last Record Store July 12th, 2014.

Video by Burning Token Records

Sat. July 26 @ Jasper O Farrells: Over The Falls, The Illumignarly, Cash Pony, Box Office Poison

Jasper's - Sebastopol, CA

DATE: Sat. July 26
TIME: 8:00 PM
LOCATION: Jasper O Farrells
PERFORMERS: Over The Falls, The Illumignarly, Cash Pony, Box Office Poison
COST: $10

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: It took ‘em long enough! The 3rd album from Sonoma County’s OVER THE FALLS is finally exploding out into the ether on July 26th! Come get some! OTF will be sharing the stage with surf-rock champions, The Illumignarly, as well as Oakland’s Cash Pony, Care Eh Boo (from Rohnert Park), and on top of all this madness, Box Office Poison will be rocking out for J.D.’s birthday! It’s gonna be crazy, guys! This show is ALL-AGES, yet there’s still a bar (w/ i.d., of course)… everybody wins!!!

Sat. July 26

6957 Sebastopol Ave
Sebastopol, California 95472

NEWS: New EP From Green Light Silhouette


Santa Rosa’s own Alternative/Indie band Green Light Silhouette has just released there first 3 song EP. They are also on the process of recording their first full length album, along with booking some shows comin’ up!

Download their EP at their BandCamp page.

VIDEO: Nescience – “Take Control”

Nescience, a progressive rock band from Santa Rosa California, just released their first music video. “Take Control” tells the songs story with exquisite, haunting imagery. An unforgettable sonic fingerprint, present in all songs off of their debut album, declares Nescience a one-of-a-kind progressive powerhouse in the Northern California music scene.

From video description:

Music written and performed by Nescience.
Video directed and edited by Nathan Schellerup.
Additional camera work by Ryan Schellerup and Lois Schellerup.
Actress: Lyric Gabel

Nescience is an independent band from Santa Rosa, California formed in 2009. This is our first music video and we proudly produced it ourselves. The budget for this video was $500 and it took over 100 hours to edit. Enjoy!

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Download our album on iTunes!

VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis – “The Cad”

SoCoRock favorites Cuban Cigar Crisis have done it again. Check out their latest music video, entitled “The Cad”. A seemingly odd time signature gives a tug+pull effect, yet reveals itself as standard 8/4. A great song accompanied by a very well made ‘rustic’ video with a colonial/oppressive theme – 2014 alternative rock at its best.

Sunday, June 22 2014 @ Live Musicians Co-op: Mariner (San Jose), Give And Take (We Are Triumphant Records), Safe To Say (Ontario, Canada), Gold Standard (Marin County), Push (Petaluma), Derek Nielsen – Acoustic Set

LMC - Santa Rosa, CA

DATE: Sunday, June 22 2014
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: Live Musicians Co-op
PERFORMERS: Mariner (San Jose), Give And Take (We Are Triumphant Records), Safe To Say (Ontario, Canada), Gold Standard (Marin County), Push (Petaluma), Derek Nielsen – Acoustic Set
GENRE: Pop Punk, Post Core
COST: $10 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Live Musician’s Co-op welcomes this indie pop punk tour to the North Bay. All Ages, $10