SoCoRock team coming together

We’re starting to feel like a real team here. Amanda and Bianca are both on board to take over parts of SoCoRock – Amanda will be doing band interviews, and Bianca is doing our website design. I (Jordan) am very happy about this – the more talented people we can get on our team the better SoCoRock will become. We’ve already seen a complete transformation of our website due to tireless work by Bianca and I (I’m just the grunt that makes sure all of the back-end bits are in order, she makes it pretty 😉 ). Amanda is showing tremendous motivation to get out there and not only meet with bands, but help record live shows as well. We’re really lucky to have both of them on our team!

From the get-go, we have also had the help of Joel, which has been helping me with a lot of back-end stuff, such as the artist track submission functionality, and even a bunch of business-end and future-looking advise. SoCoRock is very happy to have him on our team as well, bringing a very professional edge to our chaos that is trying to make this thing stand up on its own. Thanks, Joel!!

We’re getting there, folks – stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue to raise the pillars to go live!

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  1. Jordan says:

    I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! =)

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