Vintage rock music discrimination

Veteran's Memorial Building, Santa Rosa CAAn interesting artifact found over on the “History of Sonoma County Bands” Facebook page – looks like we’ve been fighting the fight for rock, for a while around here.

Thanks to Edd Vinci for sharing this photo!

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  1. Edd Vinci says:

    Thank you Jordan for posting some of the roots of Rock n Rock in the County. A few notes on this gig.The Son’s Headlined along with LoveCraft and Fox.We had about 2500 people in the Vets and there was a sink pulled out of the wall in the women’s bathroom.Someone was standing on it.The gig was 3-26-1971…The County acted very fast trying to stop us Hippies putting on that devil music.
    Of note,most can find or know of the Son’s and of LoveCraft but Fox was very good but it did not last very long.SF Based Gary Pihl went on to play with Boston.Roy GARCIA on drums,and Hot Johnny Venazza on bass.Tickets at the door were $3.50.
    A poster of this and many more 70’s era Posters can be seen on the FB Page Jordan posted.

  2. Jordan says:

    Thanks Edd! You know this is some really interesting stuff. Please contact me whenever you think of something you’d like to have up here again, I would love to put more of it up.

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