SoCoRock Interview: Motogruv – December 17, 2011

The mighty Motogruv let Natalie and Amanda sit in with them to ask a few questions. So sit back, put on some headphones and check out what Motogruv has to say about themselves, their background as a group, why they want to occupy Quincys and more! 😉





2 Responses to SoCoRock Interview: Motogruv – December 17, 2011

  1. Jimmy says:

    I know this interview will salivate even the driest of minds. But I can’t get the interview to play. I need a beer and a brain. help!

  2. SoCoRock says:

    Jimmy – it’s a normal flash audio player – try a browser like Firefox if you aren’t already and make sure your Flash player is set up (if you can watch a Youtube video, it’s good). If you still have problems let us know!

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