SoCoRock Interview: In Virtue – January, 2012

Check it out, Amanda brings us a brand new interview with progressive metal group In Virtue!

I thought it was very interesting what they said regarding what draws the Japanese toward music, versus the West:

Japan appreciates music differently than the United States does. ‘We enjoy the visual and popular aesthetics a lot while Japan will appreciate the music, the auditory aspects a little bit more…

What follows is an in-depth look at how the band operates, their musical background and influences, and even a mention of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

Bringing you the greatest underground bands, SoCoRock thanks In Virtue immensely for their time and insights!


One Response to SoCoRock Interview: In Virtue – January, 2012

  1. Mary Lewis Sheehan says:

    Two amazing dynamic musicians, so in tune with each other, so relaxed, yet clearly an electric partnership that must account for the confident gorgeous originality of the album Embrace the Horror.

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