Monday Morning Giveaway: CD pack!

Another beautiful, ale bit overcast, Monday morning in Sonoma County… what a perfect day for another Monday Morning Giveaway from! (Click MORE to read how to win)

Today we’re giving away not one, not two, but THREE compact discs from local artists! We picked up a 2 track EP from The Coast Pilots from a show at The Rocks Bar and Lounge in Petaluma a few months back, a 3 song EP from Edging Forward and a 4 song EP from Day Four. What a perfect way to familiarize yourself with some regional rock talent! Here’s how to win (read carefully!):

Post a link to as your Facebook status update. TAG US (with the @ symbol before our name) in the text field so we can track your post (we will have no idea otherwise). The person with the most comments from friends to their link wins! Make sure to tell your friends to comment like crazy on your post so you can win the CDs. It doesn’t matter what they comment about, as long as they comment. They can comment as many times as they want, too. The one with the most comments by 5:00pm today wins!

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