Monday Morning Giveaway: Nescience Demo

A little overcast but its always a great day for a Sonoma County Giveaway! Today we have a demo CD from a great local band, right here in Santa Rosa.ร‚ย  If you haven’t had an opportunity to hear them…well you are missing out. They are a progressive rock band with some serious talent. Contest rules are easy, just name two members of this band. First names work, first correct response takes it home! As always thanks for playing with, good luck!!

6 Responses to Monday Morning Giveaway: Nescience Demo

  1. Noah says:

    Nate, jake and tom, I forgot the last

  2. Natalie says:

    Congrats Noah! Hit me up with your email and best way for me to deliver you your winnings! Thanks for playing!

  3. Beau Baumbach says:

    The other guys name is Beau ๐Ÿ™ you know…the guy in the back of the stage.

    • Jodran says:

      You mean the guy in the back of the stage that performs like Animal, all over that kit like Danny Carey on crack!

  4. Tommy says:

    haha, poor beau.

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