Monday Giveaway: Last Day Saloon Ticket

Hey Rockers! Its Monday which, in SoCo Rock speak, we are giving you some free stuff. Trying to figure out your weekend plans? How about a killer metal/hard rock show at the Last Day Saloon? Four insanely good bands Thought Vomit, Nescience, Shattered Theory and Apocryphon burning the stage down. Want a free ticket? Ok, I will hand deliver you one. Tell me what day this show is happening and the freebie is yours….GO!

One Response to Monday Giveaway: Last Day Saloon Ticket

  1. Maureen says:

    Awesome show lastnite. All four bands a heavy dose of metal. Even though Thought Vomit’s bass player was MIA, they still rocked!! Shattered Theory was exceptional. Ah hell, they were all great. Small attendance by rock fans and that was disappointing but hey, you all missed out. Get out and support Live music people!

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