Monday Morning Giveaway: CDs

Rock concerts

Hey rockers! We at SoCo Rock had awesome local music packed weekend and we hope you all made it out to some shows too. Sounds like its time for a giveaway…Today I have some local demos to pass out that extends the borders a little of Sonoma County but they make the journey to rock out in our local scene, Beta State an awesome rock band out of San Francisco and some killer tunes, February 5th, a rock band out of Oakland. Let us know what you did this weekend and the Cds are yours for some listening pleasure! First response wins!

2 Responses to Monday Morning Giveaway: CDs

  1. Maureen says:

    Awesome! I went out to Last day Saloon on Saturday night to hear four, not one, two, or three, but FOUR killer metal bands. What a great night.
    Then all day Sunday I sat and listened to SoCo radio!
    Thanks for all you good people at SoCoRock do for the local metal scene. This fan appreciates you!

  2. Natalie says:

    Sweet congrats! Thanks for the nice words! Shoot me an email on how to get you the CDs Maureen!

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