VIDEO: Aftertayst – Fade

Ya see, when bands don’t send me their shit, I don’t get to rock the fuck out as much. I feel deprived, damn it. Was even shot at Spanckys! Here’s to everyone else who hasn’t seen this awesome Aftertayst music video, entitled “Fade”.

YOUTUBE DESCRIPTION: Kick ass song about fading your life away. Filmed at Spancky’s in downtown Cotati Cailfornia. Produced by Roaring Mouse Productions and directed by Mike Sloat.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Aftertayst is one of my favorite local metal bands! Can’t wait for their show at Spancky’s but it seems so far away. As was stated in their bio, it’s in your face metal. Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing

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