Monday Morning Giveaway: Shattered Theory Freebies

Hey Rockers, another Monday which means another giveaway for you lovely people. Shattered Theory was awesome enough to donate one of their new shirts (in your size!) and as an extra bonus a ticket to Battle of the Bands in SF at the DNA Lounge (Sunday Aug 12) to watch them tear up yet another stage! If you haven’t seen them live yet, you are missing out. Here’s how you win..

Name the vocalist that Shattered Theory just welcomed in…First name is fine…spelling counts. First correct answer wins! =)

2 Responses to Monday Morning Giveaway: Shattered Theory Freebies

  1. Jake sauce says:

    T master Trey!

  2. Natalie says:

    Congrats Jake! We will get you the freebies ASAP! Thanks for all the support and keep rockin!

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