Friday, September 7th 2012 @ Barley & Hops Tavern: Elephant

DATE: Friday, September 7th 2012
TIME: 8:00 pm – 12:00pm
LOCATION: Barley & Hops Tavern
GENRE: Rock and Roll

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Elephant @ Barley & Hops Tavern Occidental Ca.

Elephant is a Rock and Roll band in the classic sense of the term. Hailing from Sonoma County California, a hotbed for musicians and artists Elephant has emerged as a perfect amalgam of genres from Americana, Dusty Tex-Surf to fist pumping Rock and Roll. Following in the footsteps of Springsteen, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and other great storytelling rock crooners Elephant weaves toget
her nostalgia filed lyrics and prose with hooky, riff and beat based melodies. Each song defines the band in a unique genre all there own yet with a familiarity accustomed to bands with longevity.

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