VIDEO: Stalin – Your Arms, Destroyed By You

Director: Masha Karpoukhina
Model: Heather Crouch

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Below the arching shoulder
I would spend this sacrifice
On the first few
Out of nowhere, out of the blue
You pronounced the sounds
Look at the stones, watch
As the hammers destroy the living
Splitting the whole into parts

Ripping untold asunder
Cutting through the skin
I watch and I appear
And likewise, I can depart
I cannot help but wonder
Where is the humor?
Bit to bit by your side

Your arms, destroyed by you
So beautifully cut
Above the velvet glove
You are the fulfilling presence
You enable a predator
Sitting on an edge
Sedating me into bliss
Cutting the air sharp, the picture of your demise
You are an unending question
Ejecting the thought of deliverance
I just might have gone amiss!

I am alive in mirrors

Protest existence

Do it

Still life is natur mort
The crystals echo reverie
Of screams which linger still
The queen of spades is draining me
The glitter and the laughter
Are forlorn

It’s all the rage!
Her agents of regret are near..
Her kingdom is fucked
They disappear in a viscous mirage of cum stained glass
In the absence of gaping voids
All pointing at me
The steel of my emotion
My swaying silhouette
Undone by restless sieges
Undone by quicksilver on her thighs

With potent drops of mercury
With potent drops on her departing face.

Submission be damned and you’ll gladly destroy your ego

2 Responses to VIDEO: Stalin – Your Arms, Destroyed By You

  1. marcus j says:

    dats wassup

  2. Remmy says:

    Haha, out of control.

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