Crank it up with Live Musicians Co-Op

Jacquelynne Ocaña over at The Bohemian has pumped out a great review and front page article about Live Musician’s Co-op in Santa Rosa. The newly expanded music networking, rehearsal and recording facility off of Piner Road has made some great strides to build the local community up after a previous city council attempted to extinguish the fire that was built in the 90’s by the local scene.

Read the Bohemian article here and be sure to stop by Live Musician’s. This is the start of a brand new thing in SoCo, centered around music, musicians and music fans!

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  1. Olavo says:

    We’re excited to see a fesvtial like this around here and are holding the date open in hopes we’ll have the opportunity to play.Do you know when bands will be contacted regarding if they get in? Thanks!Harbour Grace

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