Friday, August 30 2013 @ Quincys Pub: Adicript, Clinchfist, Fear the Fiasco

Friday, August 30 2013 @ Quincy's Pub: ADICRIPT, CLINCHFIST, FEAR THE FIASCO

DATE: Friday, August 30 2013
TIME: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
LOCATION: Quincys Pub
PERFORMERS: Adicript, Clinchfist, Fear the Fiasco
GENRE: Progressive Rock/metal
COST: $7 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Check out a night of head banging progression. Local favorites FEAR THE FIASCO opens the night, out of town progressive/metal band CLINCHFIST is sure to please. ADICRIPT will leave you wanting more as they end the night with their set of beautifully chaotic progressive rock. Don’t miss this show!

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