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PODCAST: Jamie (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Jamie - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastJamie (the second one) wrapped up the Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast last Sunday with a couple of original Ukelele songs. Her powerful voice combined with the tiny Concert Uke she held in her hands provided a natural dynamic that played perfectly together.

Thanks for the music, Jamie!

PODCAST: Jamie and Mel (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Mel and Jamie - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastJamie and Mel kicked off the Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast as our first performers. With Jamie at the piano and Mel providing lead vocals, the duo gave us a glimpse into delicate subjects such as the death of comedian Robin Williams and the fame which the NFL brings (and subsequent fallout as the spotlight moves on).

PODCAST: Sally and Justin (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Sally and Justin - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastWe made it through our first official Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast yesterday at Live Musicians Co-op!

Here is the broadcast audio from Sally and Justin who were so gracious as to come down and play a couple of songs for us. Thank you both again for the music – enjoy!






P.S. We will be sharing a HQ version later on that was recorded directly from the LMC sound console as well.

P.P.S. Check back tomorrow for audio and pictures from Jamie and Mel, and Jamie (the second Jamie) posted here.

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Download podcasts + interviews from SoCoRock.comDid you know that you can now download of SoCoRock live concert podcasts and interviews? Just click the “Download” link below the player of each podcast/interview. Then you can load it onto your phone or MP3 player and listen to it while you…


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PODCAST: Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch @ SoCoRock Presents (Arlene Francis Center) – July 27, 2012

Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch, Cotati punk rock natives, tore the stage up on July 27th for SoCoRock Presents. Fast-paced riffs, awesome progressions and guitar solos to die for included.

And everyone give it up for newcomer bassist Shovanni, who tackled learning these songs in…a week? What?? And rocked the fuck outta them? Craziness. Listen below.

(SoCoRock Presents contest prizes sponsored by Loud & Clear Music in Cotati, CA)

PODCAST: Our Vinyl Vows @ SoCoRock Presents (Arlene Francis Center) – July 27, 2012 Presents: Happy birthday Eric ;)  The Elvis lovin’, Batman shirt wearin’, trombone puffin’,  crazy awesome Rock ‘n Roll sextet Our Vinyl Vows headlined the SoCoRock Presents show last Friday, and we captured the magic. New music as well as old favorites were jammed out for all to enjoy – so put on some earbuds and crank it to 11.

(SoCoRock Presents contest prizes sponsored by Loud & Clear Music in Cotati, CA)

PODCAST: Push @ SoCoRock Presents (Arlene Francis Center) – July 27, 2012

If you haven’t listened to this yet, go now – A great show from punk-pop trio Push last Friday. Turn volume up for maximum effect. Also a bit of a blurb at the end of their set about the SoCoRock project. All for free, because we love you.

(SoCoRock Presents contest prizes sponsored by Loud & Clear Music in Cotati, CA)

PODCAST: Rest Stop Killers @ Live Musicians Co-op – June 27, 2012

SoCoRock Live Webcast

They were live on SoCoRock Radio on June 27th – but if you weren’t around to hear it, we’ve got the podcast right here for ya. It’s always more fun to hear it live, remember that – but if this is your first time hearing them, these guys did a fantastic set over at Live Musicians Co-op in Santa Rosa. Definitely worth a listen. Check it out, and keep your ears open for more LIVE rock music broadcasts right here on!

PODCAST: Sonoma County Blues Society @ Sprengers Tap Room – April 18, 2012

Sonoma County Blues Society @ Sprengers Tap Room - Santa Rosa, CA

Sprenger’s Tap Room, a brand new brewpub hasn’t even officially opened yet (they will next week, rumor has it) in Santa Rosa, California. They did, however, host a pre-opening show for the Sonoma County Blues Society on Wednesday, April 18th – which is adopting Sprenger’s as their new home. So, every Wednesday night, you can bring your guitar, bass, brass, drumsticks or vocal cords and head down to Sprenger’s to jam with some of Sonoma County’s best blues artists!

SoCoRock was there to capture the 4+ hours of magic and provide it to you here. Check it out, and leave a comment below!

PODCAST: Kings & Crooks @ Arlene Francis Center – March 16, 2012


Kings & Crooks gave us what we wanted at Arlene Francis Center, despite Kevin’s agonizing ear infection, a new rhythm guitarist George (replacing Devin, the last founding member of the band) and no bassist. With all of this riding against them, they STILL killed it – the essence of what rock is about! Quincy, David, Kevin and George, (and Devin and Christian too of course) – thank you for your music and the dedication to your fans that we have always appreciated here in and around Sonoma County, California.


Ending on an unsure note, Kevin thanked all those who have supported Kings & Crooks throughout the years. Let’s hear it for them, and by that you can hear them right here from that night by clicking [More]!

PODCAST: Nescience @ Arlene Francis Center – March 16, 2012

Nescience! These awesome dudes tore it up on March 16th 2012 at The Arlene Francis Center in the Railroad Square of Santa Rosa CA. Nescience is a progressive metal band with a uniqueness all of their own – with guitarist Nate Schellerup recently taking the role of lead vocals, they are a must see when they hit a venue near you! Click [More] to listen right here to Nescience effectively tearing a hole in the fabric of reality!