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Bio: AEnimus is a fast rising technical deathcore band from Santa Rosa, CA. Since forming in late 2010, the band has had an immediate impact within the extreme metal scene, gaining thousands of fans from all across the globe and earning the respect of some of their more established…  (read more)






Ama Evolution

Bio: Emerged out of Oakland CA , bringing a unique music style without barriers, derived from the roots of Rock, Funk, R & B, Blues and Soul by taking risks stepping out of the box with their own organic creation of Music. Ama Evolution has been compared to bands like Skunk… (read more)







Bio: Ariabes tarted in 2007 and after a few line up changes was formed completely in 2008. Coming out of Santa Rosa, CA the band is making good headway in the North Bay metal underground scene. The mixture of music is beautifully arranged from deep, full sounding progressions to… (read more)







Bio: Formed in 2002, Ashkira has grown consistently and brings a new, heavy blend of thrash and metal-core to the local Bay Area metal scene. Ashkira, a word meaning “loud strength”, symbolizes the straight forward, no nonsense metal created by Ashkira. The band draws… (read more)







Bio: Aftertayst is a heavy metal band hailing from Santa Rosa, California, influenced by Iced Earth, Metallica, Testament, Pantera, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, etc. They write fast, aggressive, in-your-face riffs, with melody and hooks that grab the listener. The live show is high energy and… (read more)






Boo Radleys HouseBoo Radleys House

Bio: Boo Radley’s House is a 4-piece progressive, heavy rock band hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 2009, they quickly emerged through the Bay Area music scene with their aggressive and unorthodox approach to heavy rock and their explosive and intense… (read more)






Brooks Was Here

Bio: Brooks Was Here hails from Oakland in the Golden State of California. Inevitably, the band was formed by transients of other San Francisco Bay Area bands. They are Gregg Stephens, Maxwell Adams,Paul Stoughton and former Karate High School guitarist Geoff… (read more)






Cuban Cigar Crisis

Bio: Cuban Cigar Crisis is a San Francisco/Bay Area, California based Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit. Named after being asked to play a benefit show for students traveling to Cuba… (read more)






Death Valley High

Bio: Death Valley High is where gnashing hard rock and death pop converge. On its sophomore album, Doom, In Full Bloom, the San Francisco quartet unleashes a torrent of monstrous riffs and infectious hooks. Releasing digitally in the spring of 2011 and hitting stores in the summer… (read more)






Demon Rum

Bio: Formed in 2010 in Santa Rosa, CA. We play original hard rock. Our influences are diverse but, our individual styles are all able to shine in this band. We’re currently in rotation on SoCoRock. Hope to see some dancing people at our next gig…. (read more)






Don't Be The HeroDon’t Be the Hero

Bio: Don’t Be the Hero is a four piece, alternative rock band from Oakland, CA. Originally a three piece, Chaz Miranda (vocalist/guitar), Troy Wise (vocalist/guitar), and Patrick Brown (drummer) collectively decided to open the position of rhythm guitar and find a new… (read more)






Edging Forward

Bio: Edging Forward is a post Alternative Rock band from the North Bay. Formed in the summer of 2010 by John and Adam, guitar and drums respectively, and eventually adding the talents of Jason on bass and finally Rene AKA Da Rooster on vocal duties to complete… (read more)







Bio: EIGHTFOURSEVEN distort all sonic boundaries on their latest full-length album, LOSSLESS. Due out this June via Minus Head Records, LOSSLESS fuses electronica with warm organic rock for a sound that’s as ponderous as it is pacifying. “Chibana” pulsates with blips of incisive cyber… (read more)






Fourteen Planets Out to LunchFourteen Planets Out to Lunch

Bio: Daniel McCann, Joey Dittle, and Steven Gilster started playing music together in their early high school years out of Joey’s parents’ garage in the hills of Cotati, California. Daniel on guitar and lead vocals, Steven on bass and backups, and Joey on the drums. Today, the garage… (read more)






Hillside Fire

Bio: After loosing Sebastian’s father while he sat in at a gig in 2007, the boys were bound together with a more spiritual and professional drive. Nearly 5 years later the band still brings its lyrically soul infused unique rock sensibility to audiences across the West Coast showing integrity… (read more)






In Virtue

Bio: Once, metal had boundaries. Then, there was IN VIRTUE. In Virtue is a progressive metal band that is TRULY progressive. Not just “prog”, not just a technically advanced or stylized band but a progressive band in the purest form of the word: ever-evolving, boundless and vast as the stars…  (read more)






Level Up Beat Down

Bio: From the ashes of Sonoma County mainstay The Parade Route, bassist Stephen McWeeney and guitarist/singer Russ Mains have forged forward with a new sound that pays respect to all the best that rock has to offer, while staying true to their dedication to create original and compelling… (read more)






March into Paris

Bio: Since making a huge impact on the indie rock scene with their explosive 2008 debut Shield The Dilemma, one of Sacramento’s most popular and critically acclaimed bands has regularly blown audiences away with the passion of their live performances up and down… (read more)







Bio: Motogruv is a four-piece hard rock band (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) with a female lead singer. They blend a rich mix of modern hard rock and heavy metal with classic rock and jazz progressions to create bluesy, soul stealing music. Four fully trained musicians come with a… (read more)







Bio: Nescience is a hard rock band from Sonoma County; they started playing together August of 2009. The band formed that summer with Jake, Beau and Nate, in a garage writing music and expressing different musical ideas. Later Paul would be added to the mix and finally after a few shows… (read more)






Our Vinyl Vows

Bio: Forget the usual genre types, and often misused things like style and classification–it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people. Our Vinyl Vows thrives off of this. The Petaluma, Ca. sextet have made that direct connection in each of the… (read more)






Over The Falls

Bio: Is it too much to ask that a heavy rock band also be a good-times rock band? Do you have to be all angry just to play aggressive music? Well, Over The Falls says, “NAY!” Just because you like to rock out, doesn’t mean you gotta be a dick about it. Over The Falls was formed… (read more)







Bio: PUSH is a Pop-Punk/Alternative/Power Pop trio from Petaluma, California. They have been a band for three years now, and have played with acts such as The Frustrators, Emily’s Army, Mystic Knights of the Cobra, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Lost In Kostko… (read more)






Sanctuary Lost

Bio: Hailing from all over Sonoma County, Sanctuary Lost is an rock band with one mission: to play what they want, when they want it. Their sound is influenced by many different styles, from punk to alternative to metal. They bring a high-energy live show that is sure to engage… (read more)






Shadow and Substance Shadow and Substance (formerly known as Eat the Undead)

Bio: In the early winter of 2012, two Petaluma youths bent on survival in the coming apocalypse, sought after musicians to bring along for the run. Within the next three months, Gigi O.D. and Davie Brainerd added Parker Walrus and Meghan Any to their gang of would-be survivors… (read more)






Shattered Theory

Bio: Shattered Theory, which originally formed in 2007 is a fast rising metal band hailing from Sonoma County, California. Focusing on creating a high energy metal sound, ST’s music has a way of catching the attention of metal fans of all genres with pulse shredding solos and killer melodic… (read more)







Bio: Simoom is a hard rock metal band that touches upon melodic, technical and some progressive elements. The band is from the San Francisco Bay Area and formed in 2009. Simoom is a four piece band with Tino Molinari on Vocals, Alain Shaboon on Guitars, Mr. Jay on Bass and Linden… (read more)






The Hit System

Bio:Though he tries hard to fit in, the streetwise Ren can’t quite believe he’s living in a place where rock music and dancing are illegal. There is one small pleasure, however: Ariel, a troubled but lovely blonde with a jealous boyfriend. and a Bible-thumping minister, who is responsible for… (read more)






The Last Nova

Bio: The Last Nova is an American rock band formed under the name NOVA in San Francisco, California in 2008. After a lineup change in 2011, the band reformed under its current name with the lineup consisting of lead vocalist Gabriel Davy, drummer Rob Bujak, guitarist and backing… (read more)







Bio: Emerging onto the metal scene in 2004 as a 3-piece, VX36 started growing a fan base and recognition from all. With crushing tunes and powerful lyrics they stand at the doorstep of magnitude. Through the hardships and good times it seems the band keeps growing stronger even… (read more)






Walk the AtmosphereWalk the Atmosphere

Bio: Walk The Atmosphere started in 2010 and after a few line up changes was formed completely in 2012. Coming out of Petaluma, CA the band is making good headway in the North Bay metal underground scene. The mixture of metal/punk/alternative music makes for a great sound… (read more)







Bio: YEIBICHAI (pronounced YAY-BEH-CHAY) is a San Francisco, California based progressive hard rock band who shortly after forming, released its full length self-titled debut album in December of 2010. The term Yeibichai was first encountered by founding guitarist Jimmy… (read more)





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