Aftertayst is a heavy metal band hailing from Santa Rosa, California, influenced by Iced Earth, Metallica, Testament, Pantera, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, etc. They write fast, aggressive, in-your-face riffs, with melody and hooks that grab the listener. The live show is high energy and relentlessly powerful, but most importantly, a lot of fun.
Aftertayst has been a gigging since 2002 but when Miggs joined in May of 2006 thery really kicked it up and have been hitting it hard since. They have over 200 shows under their belt and have played from Jimmy Z’s in Everett, Washington to the Whisky and Key Club in Los Angeles to The Muse in Nashville. They have had the pleasure of opening for metal greats Testament, Death Angel, Otep, Powerman 5000, Diecast, Vicious Rumors and more. The 1ST full length CD dropped in August of 2008. They were played on “Talking Metal” episode 251, and have received positive reviews in Metal Hammer Nov, ‘08t issue, and Target Audience Magazine in Sept. of ’08. They are currently working on the follow up CD due by summer 2011.


Kyle “The Durk” Durkee – Drums
Dan “Mr Dank” Kabanuck – Rythm Guitar
Miguel “Miggs” Martinez – Lead & Background Vocals
Lee “Bastard” Baxter – Lead Guitarist
Gabe “The Mouth” Ramos – The Bass


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3 Responses to Aftertayst

  1. Maureen says:

    Aftertayst TONITE!! July 14th, at Spancky’s in Cotati. been awhile since seeing these guys can’t wait.

    • says:

      Maureen, can you submit an event for us? We can post it on Facebook as well if you do. Click on “Calendar” then “Submit an event”. Thanks!

      • Anonymous says:

        Will do. Thought that was for musicians and promoters. Bands really need to get on the stick promoting their shows!!
        Awesome show lastnite by-the-way. Band that really grabbed my attention was KILL RITUAL. AWESOME, awesome, awesome!!!
        That’s right, who knew? THREE bands and killer pure liquid metal! Kill the King, KILL RITUAL, and Aftertayst.
        I was there to see Aftertayst and tried to endure but the spot I was rockin at all night was bumped out by moshers.Rather aggressive female moshers at that!! I thought I was safe standing next to the dude videoing the shows, which is where I stayed all night, but they kept bumpin’ me even though I wasn’t interested. I just want a little spot to bang my head and feed off the energy from the stage. Everytime I moved, they found me it seemed.Even on the fringes of the pit. I’m too little and old for that shit. I wasn’t about to try and watch the show from the back of the room so I left. I need to be up close. I love the energy for the stage and love headbangin’.
        Like I said, KILL RITUAL, KILLED!! Really good arrangements that changed up all the time! Not sure why that band reached out and grabbed me but they did. Just straight up metal with a real solid bottom. real dark feel kinda like Sabbath. Check ’em out if you haven’t yet. They are on Facebook, have a few songs up, and said new CD is on the way.
        Not sure where to find the video production of the show but Dave Beck (dude filming) said to go to his page on FB to check it out. I’ll be checkin’ in there later.
        Thanks again SoCoRock for all you do!!
        Keep on Rockin’ SoCO and get on out to support LIVE music!!

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