Shadow and Substance

Shadow and SubstanceBio: In the early winter of 2012, two Petaluma youths bent on survival in the coming apocalypse, sought after musicians to bring along for the run. Within the next three months, Gigi O.D. and Davie Brainerd added Parker Walrus and Meghan Any to their gang of would-be survivors. Then, the improbable but completely prepared for, fall of civilization began.

A man eats another man’s face. In another part of the country, a man eats another man’s heart.

While all others joked about the apocalypse on the internet, four Petaluma youths began the fight for survival. They decided to rally around the battle cry they all took to heart. They have come to be known as Eat The Undead. Four young citizens fighting for the survival of their race, using the only tool they know: music.

Are you prepared? Attend the next Eat The Undead event near you. There you will be prepared, you will be tested, and you will survive.



Gigi O.D. – Vocals

Davie Brainerd – Guitar

Parker Walrus – Bass

Dylan – Drums


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2 Responses to Shadow and Substance

  1. Davie Brainerd says:

    I need to ask for a correction. We have a new drummer named Dylan. Would you mind changing it?

    -Davie of ETU

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