EIGHTFOURSEVEN distort all sonic boundaries on their latest full-length album, LOSSLESS.

Due out this June via Minus Head Records, LOSSLESS fuses electronica with warm organic rock for a sound that’s as ponderous as it is pacifying. “Chibana” pulsates with blips of incisive cyber riffing conjured by Anthony Sarti (Bass/Programming/Synth) and frontman Lance Jackman’s hypnotic harmonies. Meanwhile, cuts like “Phantom Limb” and the title track segue through uncharted sonic territory rhythmically propelled via Ben Conger’s drums and Sean Bivins ethereal guitar tones. LOSSLESS is the ultimate aural journey with no energy, feel or data lost along the way.

Ever since their emergence in 2002 with the Everlasting EP, the Sacramento quartet have been following a local tradition of not only “thinking outside the box,” but musically rebuilding the box itself. The NorCal town has fostered a legacy of truly alternative music–most notably Deftones and Far–and EIGHTFOURSEVEN proudly continue that tradition. The band cultivated a diehard local following and it led to the self-released full-length The Allegiance in 2004 followed by the acclaimed Silent Raid EP in 2006. However, LOSSLESS is truly a milestone for the band.

About the album’s direction, Lance comments, “While Silent Raid was a little more traditional, LOSSLESS is less of a regular rock album. It takes more chances, and it’s just a sonic wall.”

That sonic wall was forged at the Red Bull studio in Santa Monica, CA with the help of producers Eric Stenman and Shaun Lopez (Deftones, Will Haven, Revolution Smile). Stenman proved to be integral to the album’s development. Lance elaborates, “Eric Stenman did a lot to help with our sound and the overall vibe of the record.” As soon as the band entered the studio and began track, their ever-evolving sound reached a new realm. Anthony explains, “Over the years, we’ve worked to perfect a streaming balance between programmed electronics and heavy instrumental sections. Ben’s robotic verse style give the record a live performance aspect that many electronic records lack. LOSSLESS also has a very diverse range of guitar tones and the vocals explode with power.”

That power remains palpable on “Youth Erratic” and “Claire,” which illuminate the band’s diversity. That diversity has allowed them to perform stunning shows alongside Dredg, the START, Tinfed, Auf De Maur, The Revolution Smile, Will Haven and many more. However, LOSSLESS signals a new beginning: this is EIGHTFOURSEVEN’s true arrival. Anthony declares, “Silent Raid developed our sound, and Lossless defines the band.”

Signing with Minus Head Records in late 2009, the band has their sights on continuing to push further. Sean states, “Our songwriting and sound are grown from our individual experiences with music. We’re not afraid to write and record a record that might not appeal to everyone. We write to appeal to ourselves, and it’s nice to have a label that allows us to have that freedom and belief to back us. “

Ultimately, EIGHTFOURSEVEN make music that lasts because it doesn’t conform. Anthony concludes, “I feel that we stay innovative in the sounds we create. We simply want to be a band that can inspire musicians and fans.”

EIGHTFOURSEVEN will undoubtedly inspire everyone who loses him or herself in LOSSLESS.–Rick Florino


Lance Jackman – Vocals/Guitar
Anthony Sarti – Bass/Program
Sean Bivins – Guitar
Ben Conger – Drums


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