Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch

Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch


Daniel McCann, Joey Dittle, and Steven Gilster started playing music together in their early high school years out of Joey’s parents’ garage in the hills of Cotati, California. Daniel on guitar and lead vocals, Steven on bass and backups, and Joey on the drums. Today, the garage remains, but the music has grown significantly. What started as a few jam sessions with friends turned into a commitment to practicing several times a week and helping each other master their instrument. It began with covering some of their favorite Green Day and Operation Ivy songs, but continued into creating more and more original music.

Soon, they decided to become an official band and start playing shows. But, they had yet to come up with a name. Then one day a friend said a phrase that seemed to strike a chord with them. That phrase was “Man, that guy is 12 feet tall, and fourteen planets out to lunch.” Bam. There it was. The most perfect band name nestled right there in an expression that translates into, “Wow, that guy is so high right now”. They dubbed themselves Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch. Their first official show was Rancho Cotate High School’s annual Battle of the Bands in which they got second place. They were received spectacularly by the audience which only made them more excited about playing live. After finally scoring some shows at local venues like The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, Unity Music in Santa Rosa, and The Shop in Sonoma they began to build a following. A small, yet loyal, group of people who loved their music and wanted to see them succeed. By this time, their high school graduation was just around the corner and for the first time the band was in jeopardy.

Daniel and Joey both decided to stay near home by going to local colleges, but Steven was offered a bass position in a band in Portland, Oregon and decided to take it. Shortly after making his decision and informing the rest of the band, Steven moved to Portland and it looked like the end of Fourteen Planets. Daniel and Joey would still play music with friends, but the band was lost. They did not want to find a replacement bassist. The whole point to starting the band was that they wanted to play music with each other and not some stranger. Months went by and it appeared as if Steven Gilster was never going to come back. But, the day did eventually come. On a day like any other Steven took a look at his life and realized this was not what he wanted to be doing. He wanted to be playing good, fast, punk music with his friends back home. The next day Steven was on his way back to California and Fourteen Planets were reunited at last.

Recently, Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch made their first demo entitled “Jorge” and had a reunion show at The Phoenix Theater. This summer then play on playing venues all over California to build a more solid fan base and eventually get their music out to the world.


Daniel McCann – guitar and vocals
Shovanni – bass and backup vocals
Joey Dittle – percussion and gravity defying hair


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