March into Paris


Since making a huge impact on the indie rock scene with their explosive 2008 debut Shield The Dilemma, one of Sacramento’s most popular and critically acclaimed bands has regularly blown audiences away with the passion of their live performances up and down the West Coast. Though they haven’t yet hit East of California, the mesh of their five personalities led by charismatic powerhouse lead singer and chief lyricist Jennifer Valdez and diverse musical vibe fully embodies the metaphors of their classy and exotic moniker March into Paris.

Less ambient, more structured and fully representative of the energy of their short but fiery 30 minute sets, MIP’s new seven track EP Beautiful Chaos perfectly captures what Valdez says “blood, sweat, tears and a few extra years will get you. It’s the debut of our new sound”. Driven by the combined and evolving musical visions of Valdez, guitarists (and founding members) Eric Davis and Randy Medeiros, bassist Kevin McCarty and drummer Kris Ayala, their dynamic, bold and diverse presentation is the group’s version of Paris – a place that represents a beacon of the greatest of human ideals and achievement.

Just as the City of Light draws artists of all stripes who come to fulfill their dreams and be who they are, Beautiful Chaos finds March Into Paris pushing the boundaries of their art and individual lives. And as Eric says, To march is to stride boldly towards your dreams and make them a reality with triumph in your heart, even if you only have crumbs in your pockets. Even before writing and recording the new EP, the band was already turning those proverbial crumbs to gold everywhere from their hometown of Sacramento (where The Blue Lamp and the Boardwalk are choice venues) to Concord, San Jose, San Rafael, Monterey, San Francisco, Los Angeles (world famous Whiskey A Go Go) and a festival in Eugene, Oregon.

Eric says, “The four of us guys behind Jennifer had all been in and out of different bands before we met her and she blew us away with her vocal talent. We were impressed that at only 20 years old, she already had her own album out and a publishing company. As we came together, we realized that this was an opportunity for all of us, regardless of background, to be in a real band and not part of somebody else’s ego trip or in a situation where we spent time with people who weren’t as great as they thought they were. As the title Beautiful Chaos implies, it’s not always an easy road dealing with five different personalities, but we’re there for each other and share the same goals and ambitions. We’re better musicians and better, smarter people for having known each other.”

Jennifer Valdez – Lead Vocals, Piano
Eric Davis – Guitar, Bass
Kris Ayala – Drums
Kevin McCarty – Bass, Guitar
Randy Medeiros – Lead Guitarist

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