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Forget the usual genre types, and often misused things like style and classification–it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people. Our Vinyl Vows thrives off of this. The Petaluma, Ca. sextet have made that direct connection in each of the hundreds of shows they’ve played at dive bars, historic rock venues, all-ages school events, roller derby’s, suburban community centers, living rooms, backyards, and any of the other places they play over 70 nights a year.

A culmination of experienced musicians, Our Vinyl Vows–Brandon Hall, 27 (lead vox); Nick Kopan, 29 (lead guitar,vox); Colin Goheen, 27 (bass,vox); Mat Fleisch, 25 (keys,sax); Eric Peters II,27 (brass/vox) and Derek Goheen, 25 (drums)–has spent a good deal of time honing their craft, and finding what really gets a crowd moving. Packed with danceable anthems and high energy, Our Vinyl Vows has come to be known for their live shows. Their passion for the stage and strong work ethic, has landed them spots to play with national acts as well as ruled the airwaves, where two of their songs have been retired after receiving 20 weeks as the number 1 most requested band (101.7 The Fox).

2011 looks to be a big year for OVV, with the release of their debut album “You, Me and Einstein,” produced and mixed by the famed bay area producer, Scott Llamas. Using their natural feel for the art of pop music, they have managed to effectively transfer their energy from their shows to nine tracks of catchy, heart pounding intensity.


Brandon Hall – Vocals
Nick Kopan – Guitar
Colin Goheen – Bass
Derek Goheen – Drums
Mat Fleisch – Keys/Sax
Eric Peters II – Brass/Vocals


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