Over The Falls


Is it too much to ask that a heavy rock band also be a good-times rock band?
Do you have to be all angry just to play aggressive music?
Well, Over The Falls says, “NAY!”
Just because you like to rock out, doesn’t mean you gotta be a dick about it.
Over The Falls was formed in May 2009, by 3 beardy guys who found a fourth, even beardier guy on Craiglist. Who knew that there was actually talent to be found on Craiglist? Tim, Bret and Chris sure didn’t, since it took ’em over a year to find Ryan. After about a month of practicing new tunes, recycled tune-ups, and cover songs, they set forth gigging all about the San Francisco Bay Area, building chops and making fans.
Now, after releasing an EP and playing 60+ shows, they’re releasing their 1st full-length album, “Yes, Have Some” on Sell The Heart Records.

Bret Fontaine – Guitars, Vocals
Tim Bastianon – Bass Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Alderman – Drums
Chris Rodgers – Vocals

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