Shattered Theory


Shattered Theory, which originally formed in 2007 is a fast rising metal band hailing from Sonoma County, California. Focusing on creating a high energy metal sound, ST’s music has a way of catching the attention of metal fans of all genres with pulse shredding solos and killer melodic rhythms. Over several years, ST had gone through several different members, including over 6 different drummers. But finally, in 2011, a stable lineup has been founded and the band has never sounded better.  Although ST is still searching for a frontman, they continue to play shows all over Sonoma County and soon will be expanding into the rest of the Bay Area and more. Keep on the lookout for Shattered Theory in the near future for big things!


Jeff Lesser – Lead Guitar
Jake McNamara – Rhythm Guitar
Stino Glass – Bass
Alex Cooper – Drums


Shattered Theory – Ascendence


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