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The Last Nova is an American rock band formed under the name NOVA in San Francisco, California in 2008. After a lineup change in 2011, the band reformed under its current name with the lineup consisting of lead vocalist Gabriel Davy, drummer Rob Bujak, guitarist and backing vocalist Aaron Goforth, rhythm guitarist Nick Young and bassist Surge Monroe.


The band began to take shape in 2005 when Rob Bujak, living in Connecticut, got his hands on some demo’s front man Gabriel Davy had been working on with local band ‘Concrete Ritual’. “After I heard the songs I called Gabriel right away, because I knew he was looking for a drummer. We talked for quite a while about music and bands we liked and literally the next day, I shipped my drums out to California, and bought a one-way ticket.”

Concrete Ritual would later disband in 2008 after releasing one self titled album leaving Davy and Bujak pondering their next move. While playing shows together they had become acquainted with local producer Tim Narducci who had shown interest in the bands raw demos. Not knowing what would become of their songs without a band they entered the studio turning their attention to writing. While in the studio working on what would become NOVA’s first record, guitarist Aaron Goforth (After the Silence) and Nick Young (Devils Walk) joined the project and named the band according to Davy “after the birth of a new star” NOVA. “Recording with Tim was a great experience,” said Gabriel. “The guy is a natural songwriter, and has a great way of giving songs just a tiny twist, making them take on new life.” The band then headed down to Los Angeles and brought in mastering veteran Steven Marcussen (Sevendust, R.E.M., Alice in Chains) and released their debut album “Nepenthe” in April 2009.

After the release of Nepenthe, the band became road warriors, touring in support of the disc all over the States. They quickly locked down endorsement deals with Dunlop, Peavey, Ampeg, Ernie Ball and others, and then in early 2010 landed the featured track “You are Dirty Water” off their debut record on Ironman 2: The Video Game.

Later that year the band began recording their 2nd release “Castles for Crows”. Armed with garage band, a mac laptop, and on a shoe string budget, Goforth and Davy produced, recorded, engineered and mastered the album all in the band’s garage. “We figured if the music was good enough, even with the most basic tools we should be able to capture that, and put it out on our own. I had no idea it would actually turn out as good as it did, or that we would literally put the ‘garage’ in garage band.”

The band brought their album to Rogue Records America president Dean Martinetti, who impressed with the record, agreed to see the band live. After a show in Santa Clara at the Avalon night club, he quickly offered the band a deal. In fall 2010 the band signed a distribution/management deal with Rogue Records America, who agreed to release “Castles for Crows” and re-release “Nepenthe” in 233 countries worldwide.

At the end of 2010 the band’s third national tour ended in the departure of bassist Scott Proctor and a small hiatus for the band as they took their time auditioning bassists to fit the sound the band was pursuing. 4 months later they emerged with a new member and a new name. “There were so many other bands calling themselves ‘NOVA’ that no one could Google us without 7 thousand other things popping up, and with Surge Monroe on bass, we decided we were ‘The Last Nova’.”


Gabriel Davy – Lead Vocals
Rob Bujak – Drums
Aaron Goforth – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick Young – Rhythm Guitar
Surge Monroe – Bass


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One Response to The Last Nova

  1. Jaqleen says:

    Absolutely LOVE The Last Nova! I was fortunate enough to be handed a disc on my way out of the Alter Bridge show in S.F. this year, and was pleasantly blown away when I gave it a listen, and another listen, and another…Was just, in fact listening to “California” in my car just now and thought I’d do a net search to find where they are playing this weekend so I could finally get to check ’em out live, to no avail. I’m bummed, but hope you will put all my emails on your contact list and please notify me when you’re back in the Bay Area playing live. Before I go, I have to say, only The Last Nova, Soundgarden (new) & Alter Bridge have captured “it”. No others have. “It” being what I call the “new millennium heavy metal.” When I heard the first few power driven heavy bass notes coming out of my speakers, I was instantly drawn in…and then I was soooo relieved when they were not followed up by someone yelling at me – the ol’ “raaaaagghhhh” – which I hate. Instead, I was treated to some of the best melodic sounding vocals I have heard in a long time; and that, paired with your super heavy rocking sound is what captures “it” for me! Yes, you can quote me on that! – just be sure to give me credit! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you live! Jaquleen

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