Friends of SoCoRock are people, projects and other entities that have caught our attentionĀ as uniquely valuable in the Sonoma County rock scene.

Live Musicians Co-op provides top quality recording, teaching+classes and rehearsal studios in Santa Rosa, California. Their true vision is to harness local musicians of all kinds to build a strong community for all to thrive in. LMC has provided so much to local music and musicians in Sonoma County and they are taking on new ideas and projects all the time. They are worth checking out at 925 Piner Road.

Live Musicians "Blue Room"

Shutter Pandemonium is Viktoria De Montrond. We met this live music photographer at a local rock show in Sebastopol and were immediately impressed by her character. The next day we saw the photos she had taken and were simply blown away. If you’re looking for someone to photograph your performance, “V” is a great person to know. Here is some of her work: