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Music from Oakland Hard Rockers Stimuli

STIMULI is an Oakland, California rock band formed by vocalist Kris Nova, guitarist Jimmy Tomahawk, drummer Cole Andrew and bassist Tai Hake. After forming in 2013, STIMULI entered the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California to begin tracking their debut EP.

Released on May 13th 2014, the 6 track debut effort exemplifies the breadth and depth of each members affinity for the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, the seething grunge of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains as well as the complex progressive rock of King Crimson and Rush. The sum of these influences often results in comparisons of STIMULI to contemporary prog-rock torch bearers such as Porcupine Tree, Tool and Karnivool.

STIMULI’s music is ambitious enough to push musical boundaries in the spirit of the “Progressive”, unusual enough to be an “Alternative”, dense and edgy enough to be “Hard Rock” yet still emotive, dynamic and thought provoking.

March into Paris calls it quits, writes heartfelt thanks to fans

SoCoRock featured artist March Into Paris has recently announced the end of their reign on social networking website Facebook:

“This is a difficult message to write. The fans of March Into Paris mean a lot to us, so much that we consider every one of you a friend first and foremost.

After 6 years together, we have come to the decision to close the chapter on March Into Paris. When this band first started we had something powerful and we all knew it, and as time progressed that power grew bigger and stronger- it took us to places we never imagined, and lead us to experiences most people only get the chance to dream.

Many of you have been there from the very beginning and seen it all. We can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown and given us over the years, and the incredibly humbling emotions we have felt after some of you have expressed how much our music has had such an impact on your lives. Believe me when i say you’re not alone. This band has come first in our lives so much that we don’t know where March Into Paris starts, and where Jenn, Eric, Randy, Kevin or Kris begins.

To give the short explanation, as musicians we were headed in 5 different directions. The writing became forced and we had to choose between March Into Paris or the family bond we’ve created, and so that means March Into Paris has to end.

We will be posting our last jam together, which will be the songs you’ve heard at our live shows in the last year. Some of you have never heard these songs before, so we hope you enjoy the last unofficial album of March Into Paris.

The rollercoaster that has been our lives in this band can be summed up in the lyrics for our song “Brighter Lights”:
Is this the way it’s supposed to be, the lights a little bit brighter,
Is this the way i’m supposed to feel, my head a little bit higher,
Is this the way we’re supposed to love, the fights a little bit louder,
is this the way it’s supposed to be, come lose yourself with me.

“It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” ~Ernie Harwell

~ March Into Paris”

Current SoCoRock Artists (2011-11-02)

SoCoRock logo (stickers)It’s been a while since we’ve published the names of the bands who are on the SoCoRock webcast. Our current playlist is just over 4 hours long, so chances are you haven’t heard a lot of these awesome tunes from local bands! We are still hard at work adding songs and groups as well as revising the schedule.