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VIDEO: Aftertayst – Fade

Ya see, when bands don’t send me their shit, I don’t get to rock the fuck out as much. I feel deprived, damn it. Was even shot at Spanckys! Here’s to everyone else who hasn’t seen this awesome Aftertayst music video, entitled “Fade”.

YOUTUBE DESCRIPTION: Kick ass song about fading your life away. Filmed at Spancky’s in downtown Cotati Cailfornia. Produced by Roaring Mouse Productions and directed by Mike Sloat.

PODCAST: December 29, 2011 @ Laugunitas Tap Room: The Smokehouse Gamblers

DATE: December 29th, 2011 @ 4:20pm

LOCATION: Lagunitas Tap Room

PERFORMERS: The Smokehouse Gamblers

COST: Free


DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Homegrown Nuclear Americana.