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Freebie Giveaway, 4/29/2013

It’s time for freebies from SoCoRock! All you’ve got to do is send Jordan@SoCoRock.com an e-mail stating your favorite local band, and you get your choice of freebies (choose 2 for each winner):

+ SoCoRock Local Music Compilation Disc
+ VX36 CD
+ Rest Stop Killers CD
+ Disturbing Dorothy CD
+ Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch Bumper Sticker
+ SoulVent Bumper Sticker

Get these Freebies while they last – It’s first come, first serve!

Monday Morning Giveaway [2/13/2012]: VX36 Compact Disc!

Good morning! Today we’re giving away a full length CD of VX36! These guys just released their CD in January and had a party at Quincys Bar and Cafe for it. Now we’re giving you the chance to win it here!

Here’s how to win: Be the first to post a comment here saying what year VX36 emerged into the metal scene (Hint: take a look at their Bio).