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What’s the craziest situation you’ve ever been a part of / witnessed during a show?

From our Facebook page:

“What’s the craziest situation you’ve ever been a part of / witnessed during a show?”

Reply #1: “Peelander Z at the Phoenix back in like 2010. Just…..that whole show…”

Reply #2: “The Business End were playing a show in South Lake Tahoe at Whiskey Dick’s. We were headlining, we hadn’t been there in about a year, the opening bands were killer, we were stoked, and so we had a really raucous show going. About halfway through a song, our singer/guitarist Mike Ward noticed that a big dude was being kinda rough on his (Mike’s) brother-in-law in the pit. So Mike drops his guitar and launches himself on the big dude! A ridiculous, Looney Tunes-style brawl ensues; like, a cloud of dust with hands and feet and faces poking out, rolling it’s way out the side door of the club. Soon, the brawl subsides, Mike makes nice with the big dude, and invites him on stage to slur his way through our next song. The crazy part is, this was our first show with Mike since he got back from having his hip replaced! As Mike was flying through the air, I think the other 3 of us in TBE yelled, “Mike! Your hip!”
He was fine. Whiskey Dick’s is the best. We’re actually going back there on Saturday night! It’s gonna be crazy, as always.”

Reply #3: “Over The Falls was asked to do this random gig in the farmlands east of Vacaville, which should give you an indication as to what kind of venue this was. We arrive a little early, eating our take-out dinner in the truck. A couple of us decide to go in and check the place out; it’s a total cowboy bar. Think “Roadhouse”, without nearly enough Sam Elliot… not exactly OTF fare. There’s a bunch of cowpokes glowering at us, in between staring at the gigantic boobs of the bartender/only woman in sight. We explained to the bartender that we’re from the band and asked where we should set up. As we’re telling her this, a fight breaks out in the bar that moves out the back door. Unfazed by the brawling, she points us to where the venue is; an old decrepit hall that looks like it probably hosted some pretty wicked rounds of bingo in its day, but that day has passed. As we’re looking around the room, we notice the fight is escalating on the back patio. We go back into the bar to ask where the soundman is; we are told that WE were supposed to bring a PA. (News to us). The bartender then looks past us, back towards the hall, and says “Oh! You guys brought a smoke machine?!? Cool!” After a few seconds of confused looks we go back into the venue to see that the fight has now made its way into the hall and one of the drunk idiots is trying to use a fire extinguisher to calm down the other drunk idiots. We calmly walked back out to the truck, where Ryan is still eating his Chinese food dinner behind the wheel, and we say, “Hey, maybe we should just get out of here?” Ryan, without even saying a word, starts up the engine, we all pile in, and drive away. We got back to Cotati in time to catch Our Vinyl Vows’ set at Spancky’s.”