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VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis – “The Cad”

SoCoRock favorites Cuban Cigar Crisis have done it again. Check out their latest music video, entitled “The Cad”. A seemingly odd time signature gives a tug+pull effect, yet reveals itself as standard 8/4. A great song accompanied by a very well made ‘rustic’ video with a colonial/oppressive theme – 2014 alternative rock at its best.

Cuban Cigar Crisis releases “feel good hit of the spring”


Our friends Cuban Cigar Crisis have released a new single entitled “Say I Will” – available for your listening pleasure. It’s a warm mix of feel good tones and the unmistakable lyrics of CCC!

VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis – Morning Sky

More acoustic epicness from Cuban Cigar Crisis.

VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis – Silver Goons

This is the official Cuban Cigar Crisis music video for Silver Goons – well done!

Download Audio: http://vibedeck.com/cubancigarcrisis/sourpuss#order


VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis: 6 Stories

3 cheers for Cuban Cigar Crisis! Check out the video for their song, “6 Stories” – an instant acoustic masterpiece!

Video: Cuban Cigar Crisis: “A Casual Dinner”

“A Casual Dinner with Cuban Cigar Crisis. Visit http://www.writeclickcooklisten.com to discover more recipes, bands, and cooking tips!”