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Local heavy/death metal tracks wanted!!

We have decided to dedicate four whole hours, between midnight and 4am, to local heavy/death metal bands! We feel that Sonoma County warrants its own headbanger show. There are so many killer metal bands out there, we couldn’t resist.

We need more tracks to fill up this time slot. We know we can fill it up, we just need the local metal bands to give us permission to play them.

Metal bands with existing tracks on SoCoRock are more than welcome to submit more of their tracks to be included in the rotation. Existing metal bands on SoCoRock include: Ænimus, Ariabes, Ashkira, Near Life, Shattered Theory and Simoom. We would love more tracks from these bands, as well as any/all local metal bands that are new to SoCoRock. So spread the word!