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Attention SoCo Bands, SoCo Venues…


We’ve got something pretty exciting to bring to the scene.

SoCoRock is planning on offering local venues a simple setup which will allow acts to stream LIVE, whenever they want,  in high quality audio (and later, video). Venues will have the ability to host a live music player (like SoCoRock has for our own webcast) on their own website, as well as on a dedicated venue page here on SoCoRock.com.

Our dedicated venue section will look a lot like the “Featured Artists” section – individual pages with nice pictures and information, as well as directions and up-to-date live event schedules. And, of course, a dedicated music player that streams live music from your venue to the world.

The music player will stream live shows from your venue, attracting a host of Internet listeners. You will gain exposure in an incredibly unique way that will promote your venue unlike any other. You will help promote local artists to their fans, helping promote your venue to them at the same time. Live streaming will be controllable by a bartender/audio tech, streaming only the shows you allow.

What we’re developing will be a simple, easy way for any venue offering live talent to gain exposure. We will install and maintain the required equipment, as well as the rest of your computer network/Internet connection. LNS is the technical backing of this project, a network engineering and technical consulting company.

We’re excited to start offering this service to venues that support local rock music in and around Sonoma County. We’ll have more information for you as it comes in. We’re expecting to have this ready to deploy in a matter of a couple of months. Stay tuned for more info!