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VIDEO: Shattered Theory LIVE @ Red Hat (Concord)

Check out Shattered Theory Live from Red Hat in Concord, California! Not many can endure the wrath of ST without their eyeballs melting, so just be warned. Don’t stare for too long. 😉

These guys are also in search for a vocalist so if you think you’ve got what it takes, hit them up!

VIDEO: Semi Evolved Simians @ Arlene Francis Center

Check out this awesome video by Burning Token of Semi Evolved Simians at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa. This was going on just a couple days ago on March 31st for Michael Houghton’s 40th Birthday! This video is fresh off the burning token grill..now someone get me some bbq sauce.

VIDEO: In Virtue – LIVE @ Trinity Gold Media

Check out this video from In Virtue from Trinity Gold Media in Napa, CA!

VIDEO: The King Must Die @ Spanckys Bar: You Know This

The King Must Die, an up-and-coming force in the Sonoma County metal scene, is on the loose. Watch out for their next appearances! This is a live tune from their debut show at Spancky’s in Cotati CA, February 25th, 2012!

PODCAST: Infex @ Spanckys Bar: February 25, 2012

Last Saturday, Spanckys Bar was the host of 3 incredible metal performances. The one to break the ice was Infex, a thrash metal group from the East Bay with influences like Slayer and Suicidal Tenancies. Their set was recorded on our backup equipment but the first part was not streamed live (as we were fending off someone maliciously attempting to take our website down) – We gave them the old ‘heave-ho’ (in the name of metal, of course) and came back streaming the majority of Infex’s awesome show for the world!

PODCAST: SoH @ Spanckys Bar: February 25, 2012

Seeds of Hate brought it to Spanckys Bar last Saturday, and SoCoRock was there streaming live! Now we’ve got the podcast, for your post concert listening pleasure. Listen to it right here!

VIDEO: The Business End, live at Christy’s 02/16/12

Check out this awesome performance by The Business End at Christys on the Square last night! Big thanks to Burning Token for creating this awesome video!!

PODCAST: The Hit System @ Sally Tomatoes: February 3, 2012

The Hit System played for the Relay for Life kickoff event at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park on Friday, February 3rd 2012. Listen here!

PODCAST: Our Vinyl Vows @ Hopmunk Tavern: January 25, 2012

On January 25th, 2012 Our Vinyl Vows graced The Hopmunk Tavern yet again, this time along with Silent Comedy and Forrest Day! Listen here!

January 13, 2012 @ Quincys: Edging Forward, Shattered Theory, Thought Vomit, VX36

DATE: Friday, January 13th 2012 8:00pm-1:00am

LOCATION: Quincys Pub and Cafe

PERFORMERS: Edging Forward, Shattered Theory, Thought Vomit, VX36

COST: $5


DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: VX36 CD Release Listening Party!! Gonna be insane!! All songs will be unveiled live!! Come Party with us and Bring in the New Year just right!!! Friday the 13th!!! FREE ADMISSION with purchase of the new album!! Get your new album now at http://www.vx36.com/ and be ready for the show!! Shots!!!

VX36 – http://www.vx36.com/
Thought Vomit http://www.thought-vomit.tk/
Shattered Theory http://www.facebook.com/ShatteredTheoryBand?sk=info
Edging Forward http://www.reverbnation.com/edgingforward

Gonna be one hell of a show!! See you all there. Rage!!!

December 9, 2011 @ Quincys: Fear The Fiasco, Kings And Crooks, Weslester, Storys

Quincy's Birthday Kings & Crooks Weslester Fear the Fiasco

Starts at 8:00pm!

Gonna be a kick ass show!!!!!

Fear The Fiasco
Kings And Crooks

Come out and party and help Kevin and Devin of Kings and Crooks celebrate their birthday!!!!! Spankings appreciated….

For those of you who dont know Weslester….YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THEM!!!!!! Two words…Incred-ible!!!!!!!