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VIDEO: Mindil Beach Markets – “Jam 1” Live in BC

Remember Mindil Beach Markets, SoCoRock’s first “NotSoSoco” group from Canada (ey)? Here they are performing their hit song “Jam 1” in BC live. Pretty awesome stuff right here. Here’s MBM’s Facebook page if you want to learn more about this awesome rock/reggae/rap/everything else awesome under the Sun group.

VIDEO: Mindil Beach Markets: Interior January Love Fest Tour

Mindil Beach Markets, SoCoRock’s beloved and only ‘NotSoSoCo’ (Not from Sonoma County) band we cover, has come up with a great series of webisodes about their whacky adventures!

VIDEO: Mindil Beach Markets Update

Remember our first “NotSoSoCo” group, Mindil Beach Markets from Canada? This is what they’re up to back home.

PODCAST (NotSoSoco): 2011-10-07 @ Chris’ Club: Mindil Beach Markets

2011-10-07 Mindle Beach MarketsSoCoRock is proud to announce our FIRST “NotSoSoco” band, Mindle Beach Markets. From Victoria, British Columbia, this group has taken Rock and mixed it with their own blend of Reggae, funk and hip-hop, and created something that they can truly call their own. A must see group if you ever can!

We were able to witness the awesomeness of these guys at a great little bar called “Chris’ Club” in Vallejo, CA. It was their second show in California. Coming from Canada (aay!). We feel they are definitely worthy to be dubbed SoCoRock’s first NotSoSoco band. Check them out at the following places online: Their official website, Facebook, Myspace, and finally their CafePress store (shirts!). Come back around Sonoma County again soon guys, and we’ll be there!

This is the set they played when we were there. We hope you enjoy it!