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Monday (Afternoon) Giveaway: The Paper Sons & Eighfourseven CDs from Minus Head Records!

It’s a Minus HEAD RECORDS Monday (afternoon) giveaway! Today we’re giving away 2 compact discs:

+ The Paper Sons, “In the Throes”
+ Eightfourseven, “Lossless”

Eightfourseven are an incredible rock act – take a look at them here on SoCoRock’s Featured Artists section, and listen for their music on SoCoRock Radio.

The Paper Sons have unfortunately disbanded, but their music will live in ears around the world forever, including 3 rotating tracks on SoCoRock Radio.

Ok, here’s the deal: Comment below with your funniest or most embarrassing memory involving music. It could be anything from getting caught singing in your car to dropping your guitar off of the top of a parking garage (I mean, why WOULDN’T you do that??).

Most funny/embarrassing story wins both of these juicy compact discs! You have until 10:00pm tonight (Pacific Standard time) to submit your comment – good luck!

Thursday, February 16 @ Bottom of the Hill: Minus Head Records 2 Year Anniversary Show with Butcher Babies, Death Valley High, Eightfourseven, and King Loses Crown

DATE: Thursday, February 16, 2012
TIME: 9:00pm – 1:00am
LOCATION: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
PERFORMERS: Butcher Babies, Death Valley High, Eightfourseven, & King Loses Crown
COST: $10 Advance Tickets, $12 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Minus Head Records 2 Year Anniversary Show!

VIDEO: Eightfourseven: Automaton Beta

Eightfourseven is an absolutely amazing hard rock band from Sacramento. Ever since their emergence in 2002, they’ve been following a tradition of not only “thinking outside the box,” but musically rebuilding the box itself.

Podcast: 2011-11-07 @ The Last Day Saloon: Eightfourseven

Eightfourseven gave The Last Day Saloon a great show on Monday, November 11th. Hard hitting yet melodic and progressive, watching Eightfourseven do their thing was a great way to spend Monday evening. A big thanks to Brad from minus HEAD Records for working with us that night to help bring their music to the SoCoRock community!