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Monday Morning Giveaway: Edging Forward Demo

Hey Rockers! After yesterdays bout of being overcast, we get back to the beautiful weather status. What better way to bask in the sun than winning a free demo from an awesome local band? Read on to hear about another Sonoma County Giveaway.

Edging Forward, one of our featured artists,  is a post alternative rock band, that’s sure to blow you away. They are melodic, and they rock! If you haven’t had a chance to listen, I am going to throw it at you! Name the band members and this sick demo is yours. Best of luck!

Monday Morning Giveaway: Ænimus CD

Craving some deathcore? I have something for you on another Sonoma County Giveaway! Today being such a beautiful day, I just want to know what you are listening to. And you get an awesome local band from Santa Rosa, Ænimus Demo CD. GO!

Monday Morning Giveaway: CD pack!

Another beautiful, ale bit overcast, Monday morning in Sonoma County… what a perfect day for another Monday Morning Giveaway from SoCoRock.com! (Click MORE to read how to win)

Monday Morning Giveaway: Optimus Dynamic Microphone

This morning we’re giving away an Optimus Dynamic Microphone (model 33-3018)! This little guy is perfect if you’re starting out recording vocals or acoustic guitar, and want a great sound to back you up. Rock it on your PC or Mac with 1/4″ input, or plug it into your PA and let the world hear you rock!

Monday (Afternoon) Giveaway: The Paper Sons & Eighfourseven CDs from Minus Head Records!

It’s a Minus HEAD RECORDS Monday (afternoon) giveaway! Today we’re giving away 2 compact discs:

+ The Paper Sons, “In the Throes”
+ Eightfourseven, “Lossless”

Eightfourseven are an incredible rock act – take a look at them here on SoCoRock’s Featured Artists section, and listen for their music on SoCoRock Radio.

The Paper Sons have unfortunately disbanded, but their music will live in ears around the world forever, including 3 rotating tracks on SoCoRock Radio.

Ok, here’s the deal: Comment below with your funniest or most embarrassing memory involving music. It could be anything from getting caught singing in your car to dropping your guitar off of the top of a parking garage (I mean, why WOULDN’T you do that??).

Most funny/embarrassing story wins both of these juicy compact discs! You have until 10:00pm tonight (Pacific Standard time) to submit your comment – good luck!

Monday Morning Giveaway [2/13/2012]: VX36 Compact Disc!

Good morning! Today we’re giving away a full length CD of VX36! These guys just released their CD in January and had a party at Quincys Bar and Cafe for it. Now we’re giving you the chance to win it here!

Here’s how to win: Be the first to post a comment here saying what year VX36 emerged into the metal scene (Hint: take a look at their Bio).

Monday Morning Giveaway: March Into Paris CD

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY! We’re giving you another brand new compact disc from another great band today!

ARTIST: March Into Paris
ALBUM: Beautiful Chaos