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VIDEO: The King Must Die – “In Blood”

Hot off the YouTube playlist is The King Must Die’s newest music video, “In Blood”.

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VIDEO: Nescience – “Take Control”

Nescience, a progressive rock band from Santa Rosa California, just released their first music video. “Take Control” tells the songs story with exquisite, haunting imagery. An unforgettable sonic fingerprint, present in all songs off of their debut album, declares Nescience a one-of-a-kind progressive powerhouse in the Northern California music scene.

From video description:

Music written and performed by Nescience.
Video directed and edited by Nathan Schellerup.
Additional camera work by Ryan Schellerup and Lois Schellerup.
Actress: Lyric Gabel

Nescience is an independent band from Santa Rosa, California formed in 2009. This is our first music video and we proudly produced it ourselves. The budget for this video was $500 and it took over 100 hours to edit. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: VX36 – Satan’s Fury

Check out this official music video from VX36, titled “Satan’s Fury”. Off of their album “A Violent Existence”, this track will chew you up and spit you out!

VIDEO: Push – The Struggle

Live Music Video for PUSH performing “The Struggle” off of their new album Hometown Heroes. Features footage from Push’s performance at SoCoRock Presents!

New Album: “Hometown Heroes” on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hometown-heroes/id525896130
Bandcamp: http://officialpush.bandcamp.com/album/hometown-heroes


VIDEO: Simoom – Cutting Seams

Check out metal maniacs Simoom in their music video “Cutting Seams” – it has been nominated for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at Action On Film Festival and will screen August 21 in Monrovia, Ca!

VIDEO: Aftertayst – Fade

Ya see, when bands don’t send me their shit, I don’t get to rock the fuck out as much. I feel deprived, damn it. Was even shot at Spanckys! Here’s to everyone else who hasn’t seen this awesome Aftertayst music video, entitled “Fade”.

YOUTUBE DESCRIPTION: Kick ass song about fading your life away. Filmed at Spancky’s in downtown Cotati Cailfornia. Produced by Roaring Mouse Productions and directed by Mike Sloat.

VIDEO: No Captains – Pawn

No Captains – Pawn from arthur woo on Vimeo. (CLICK ABOVE if you don’t see the video)

No Captains just released their first music video, a very well put together piece by the band members themselves. The song is called “Pawn” – check it out, and if you’d like to hear more of them, go check them out on Facebook. SoCoRock also captured a live performance of theirs from last year at The Rocks Bar in Petaluma, available to listen to Here.

From their Vimeo page: I directed/shot/edited this video with Alex from No Captains; no crew, just us two. It was fun and stealthy, I brought a minimal kit and we managed to get some nice looking footage…. (click more)