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Perspective: Music vs. Music Videos

When I listen to music, I focus on the sound, the song. The foundational drum beat, the strumming pattern of the guitar chords, the melody of the vocals, the bass, the solos. The structure of the song and its harmonies, and literally how it makes me feel. If it’s a song from when I was a kid, there are feelings and memories associated with when I listened to it back then.

When I watch a music video, I primarily focus on the band, or the characters in the video and its plot. The video itself might tell its own story and this is obviously more up front. To me, music videos should be an accurate visual representation of a song.

Not to say that music videos are unnecessary, not to any extent. I very much enjoy watching music videos (I *am* from the 90’s MTV generation after all). When a music video at least contains elements of a musical performance (shots of the (full) band playing the song for instance), this gives me a much more complete portrayal. Music should be able to stand on its own feet without a visual aid, but if done right, a deserving and unique dimension can provide an even better perspective. But it’s got to match the message of the music – otherwise it comes across to me as artificial and unnecessary.

– Jordan

VIDEO: Victor Wooten – “Music as a Language”

Multi-Grammy winning bassist Victor Wooten gives a truly inspiring talk about his life growing up and learning music at a very young age. Definitely worth a watch, and a share with your fellow musicians. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Sunday, September 16 2012 @ Mavericks Night Club: Carny Brat, Viral, Charley Peach

DATE: Sunday, September 16 2012
TIME: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
LOCATION: Mavericks Night Club
PERFORMERS: Carny Brat, Viral, Charley Peach
GENRE: Hard Rock, Alternative, Metal, Pop Punk, Country, Reggae
COST: Free!

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Come end your weekend with some Carny Brat insanity at the newest club in Santa Rosa! Mavericks Night Club.

It’s a free all ages show! and it’s early so you can rock out on a school / work night!

7pm Charley Peach
8pm Viral
9pm Carny Brat

Did we mention it’s FREE!

Saturday, August 11 @ The Last Day Saloon: Metal shop and ADD/C

DATE: Saturday, August 11
TIME: 8pm-1am
LOCATION: The Last Day Saloon
PERFORMERS: Metal shop and ADD/C
GENRE: 80’s metal covers, AC/DC tribute
COST: $10 at door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Greatest hits of Arena Rock paired with a tribute to AC/DC. Come out and get your fill of your favorite rock/metal tunes from days past!

SoCoRock streaming LIVE from Arlene Francis Center on April 14th starting @ 6:30pm!

Can’t make it out to the Arlene Francis Center April 14th to see Heartsounds, The Invalids, Hear the Sirens, Decent Criminal, Stork and the many other bands that will be playing? Then go to SoCoRock and listen LIVE starting at 6:30pm!

We want your old SoCo tracks!


QUESTION: Who was your favorite band from Sonoma County who isn’t together anymore? We want their music on SoCoRock radio. If you know someone who can hook us up with tracks from awesome past SoCo bands, please have them contact us! Thank you for your help! 🙂

VIDEO: The Business End, live at Christy’s 02/16/12

Check out this awesome performance by The Business End at Christys on the Square last night! Big thanks to Burning Token for creating this awesome video!!

SoCoRock – Underground rock, online.

SoCoRock Live Webcast

Our roots dig deep into Sonoma County rock music. We work harder and harder each day that passes to bring you the latest in local rock in and around Sonoma County, California (USA). We serve the underground rock scene with artist/venue info, a 24/7 webcast and live streaming online and in your mobile device (Android). And live podcasts. And interviews. You know, just take a look around – we add more every day.

Sunday, January 29 @ The Last Day Saloon: SIMOOM, Disconnect, American Head Charge


DATE:  Sunday, January 29 2012, 8:00-11:00pm
LOCATION: Last Day Saloon
PERFORMERS:  SIMOOM, Disconnect, American Head Charge
COST:  $10 Pre Sale $12 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: The return of Hard Rock Heavyweights American Head Charge, making their Bay Area tour stop at Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa. DISCOUNTED tickets available from Simoom and Disconnect, or from the Last Day Saloon Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/snl/VenueListings.action?venueId=10687 -  For more information, and other shows/tours, visit: https://www.facebook.com/GatherBookingAndManagement
Come Support Touring and Local bands:

American Head Charge – https://www.facebook.com/AmericanHeadCharge?ref=ts
Disconnect (former members of Hostility) – https://www.facebook.com/Disconnectband?ref=ts
Simoom (CD Release Show) – https://www.facebook.com/simoommusic?ref=ts

Friday, January 27 @ My Friend Joes: Sanctuary Lost, Living With Giants, Absolute 0 and others

DATE: Friday, January 27, 2012

LOCATION: My Friend Joes

PERFORMERS: Sanctuary Lost, Living With Giants, Absolute 0 and others

GENRE: Faux-punk, Post Rock / Ambient, Pop-Punk



DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: All you beautiful people better make sure to MOSH!!

SoCoRock Live Webcast


The SoCo webcast includes a consistently updated collection of rock from the great NorCal, with a strong focus on Sonoma County. We play a local concert every day, a little after 4pm. We will be providing an increased amount of live audio streams (concerts and other events) from local venues as they jump on board with SoCoRock as a partner venue. There are always little goodies to look forward to when you listen. Oh, and you can stream SoCoRock from Android, too. See our site for details. Have a good Sunday evening!