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Old Time Radio shows on SoCoRock

Old style radio

In the 1970’s & 80’s there was a very popular radio show called “Mystery Theater” – hosted dramas with twists and turns that kept you listening (scared shitless many times) late at night. Reminiscent of old-time radio shows before it’s time, this one caught on with a whole new generation after the peak of OTR had faded in the bright light of television. We thought it would be fun to share this series (and others as we find them) with you.

So every night from Midnight to 3:00am (as shown on our Schedule), SoCoRock plays episodes from the CBSRMT series. It’s a fun little segment that brings one back to a time when closing your eyes was all you needed to do to see a great story unfold. Let us know what you think if you catch an episode or two. (more info about Mystery Theater here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBS_Radio_Mystery_Theater )

Note: The audio quality of some of these shows might not be the best – this is because they are collections from OTR enthusiasts who recorded them, most of the time on cassette tape. Also, you might be surprised to hear the original commercials and news from that time along with these shows – a very interesting peek back in time indeed)