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VIDEO: Nescience – “Take Control”

Nescience, a progressive rock band from Santa Rosa California, just released their first music video. “Take Control” tells the songs story with exquisite, haunting imagery. An unforgettable sonic fingerprint, present in all songs off of their debut album, declares Nescience a one-of-a-kind progressive powerhouse in the Northern California music scene.

From video description:

Music written and performed by Nescience.
Video directed and edited by Nathan Schellerup.
Additional camera work by Ryan Schellerup and Lois Schellerup.
Actress: Lyric Gabel

Nescience is an independent band from Santa Rosa, California formed in 2009. This is our first music video and we proudly produced it ourselves. The budget for this video was $500 and it took over 100 hours to edit. Enjoy!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013 @ Live Musicians Co-op: VX36, WaxWyng, The Institution, VIRAL, Death Valley High , 26MPH, Nescience, Care-eh-boo

Rock concerts

DATE: Saturday, December 14, 2013
TIME: 5:00pm
LOCATION: Live Musicians Co-op
PERFORMERS: VX36, WaxWyng, The Institution, VIRAL, Death Valley High , 26MPH, Nescience, Care-eh-boo
GENRE: Rock, Progressive, Metal, Alternative
COST: $10 at the door
AGE RESTRICTION: Open to all ages with drink specials available with an ID. Id strictly enforced.

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: It’s the SoCoRock Featured Artist Local Festival! Come see some of the best rock NorCal has to offer. $10 is a small price to pay for the amount of awesome you receive. To be streamed live on SoCoRock.com and Echonet.cc – come be a part of the rock revolution!

Friday, October 18 2013 @ Quincys Pub: Thought Vomit, Nescience, Viral

Quincys Pub and Cafe - Rohnert Park

DATE: Friday, October 18 2013
TIME: 9:00pm – 12:00am
LOCATION: Quincys Pub
PERFORMERS: Thought Vomit, Nescience, Viral
GENRE: Rock, Metal
COST: $5 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Get ready for a night of good old fashioned Sonoma County Rock! Nescience, Viral and Thought Vomit will be hitting the stage at the famous Quincys Pub & Cafe in Rohnert Park. Get down and rock out with some of the best in the area!

Friday, August 16 2013 @ Quincy’s Pub: Waxwyng, VIRAL, Ethereal, Nescience, Caribou

Quincy's - Rohnert Park, CA

DATE: Friday, August 16 2013
TIME: 9:00pm
PERFORMERS: Waxwyng, Viral, Ethereal, Nescience, Caribou
GENRE: Progressive, Hard Rock
COST: $5

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Acts, Waxwyng and Viral LIVE at Quincy’s Pub, featuring Nescience, Ethereal and Caribou. Hard Rock Resurgence brought to you by Waxwyng, Viral, Nescience, Ethereal and Caribou. Night of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal featuring some of the best local bands in Sonoma County. These young bands are carrying on the torch by putting a new spin on an old school sound. Rock out, and party with some of the most talented and hard working bands in Sonoma County.

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New album, single from Nescience


Hard hitting progressive rockers Nescience recently unleashed a single, “Desperation Blvd.” from their upcoming (July 2, 2013) album entitled “One With Gravity and the Darkness”. Listen below!





Saturday, December 1 2012 @ The Last Day Saloon: Nescience, Charley Peach, Ian Montgomery

The Last Day Saloon - Santa Rosa, CA

DATE: Saturday, December 1 2012
TIME: 9:00pm
LOCATION: The Last Day Saloon
PERFORMERS: Nescience, Charley Peach, Ian Montgomery
GENRE: Metal, Rock, Acoustic
COST: $13 presale, $15 at door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: The Last Day Saloon welcomes the return of Sacramento melodic hard rockers OLEANDER, for a great evening of drinks and rock n’ roll. Joining them are local support:


Charley Peach

Ian Montgomery (solo/acoustic)

Purchase discounted advanced tickets online at:

Friday, Oct 26 2012 @ Quincy’s Pub: Shattered Theory, Symbolik, Ariabes, Trial By Combat, Nescience

DATE: Friday, Oct 26 2012
TIME: 8:00pm-12:30am
LOCATION: Quincys Pub
PERFORMERS: Shattered Theory, Symbolik, Ariabes, Trial By Combat, Nescience
GENRE: Metal, Hard Rock
COST: $5 at the door

SHATTERED THEORY:11:30pm-12:30am

(Shattered Theory will be playing their full set with their new lineup, Jake McNamara on vox and Gus Boyd on guitar, for the first time, so you don’t wanna miss it!!)

SYMBOLIK: 10:30pm-11:15pm

ARIABES: 9:30pm-10:15pm

TRIAL BY COMBAT: 8:45pm-9:15pm

NESCIENCE: 8:00pm-8:30pm

Monday Giveaway: Last Day Saloon Ticket

Hey Rockers! Its Monday which, in SoCo Rock speak, we are giving you some free stuff. Trying to figure out your weekend plans? How about a killer metal/hard rock show at the Last Day Saloon? Four insanely good bands Thought Vomit, Nescience, Shattered Theory and Apocryphon burning the stage down. Want a free ticket? Ok, I will hand deliver you one. Tell me what day this show is happening and the freebie is yours….GO!

Saturday June 23 2012 @ Last Day Saloon: Thought Vomit, Shattered Theory, Apocryphon, Nescience

DATE: Saturday June 23 2012
TIME: 9:00pm – 1:00am
LOCATION: Last Day Saloon
PERFORMERS: Thought Vomit, Shattered Theory, Apocryphon, Nescience
GENRE: Metal/Hard Rock
COST: $8 presale (contact a band member) $10 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Pre sale tickets are available! Contact any of the bands playing through Facebook to save $2 off your ticket price

Friday, April 20 @ Quincys Pub and Cafe: Disturbing Dorothy, Ariabes, Nescience, Shattered Theory

DATE: Friday, April 20, 2012
TIME: 8:00pm-2:00pm
LOCATION: Quincys Pub and Cafe
PERFORMERS: Disturbing Dorothy, Ariabes, Nescience, Shattered Theory
GENRE: Metal, Hardcore,
COST: $5.00 at the door

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: It’s a 4/20 celebration at Quincys Pub and Cafe in Rohnert Park this is set to be a great show with 4 great local Sonoma County bands. Get ready for the brutality.

PODCAST: Nescience @ Arlene Francis Center – March 16, 2012

Nescience! These awesome dudes tore it up on March 16th 2012 at The Arlene Francis Center in the Railroad Square of Santa Rosa CA. Nescience is a progressive metal band with a uniqueness all of their own – with guitarist Nate Schellerup recently taking the role of lead vocals, they are a must see when they hit a venue near you! Click [More] to listen right here to Nescience effectively tearing a hole in the fabric of reality!