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The quest to build a “Virtual Venue”

SoCoRock Live Webcast

We love music. We love the sounds, the beats, the feelings it causes us to have. We love to put our headphones on, turn on the music, and close our eyes so we can concentrate. It is the music we love – the audio seeps into our veins and pumps through our bodies as if it has taken it hostage.

As you know, we broadcast live local concerts in Sonoma County. Our next move is to build a “Virtual Venue”. Bands book a date and time with us, promote, and play live. The only difference between a normal concert and one at a Virtual Venue is that your audience is supplemented by a following of online music lovers listening to your show online live.

A following unique in its own right, the SoCoRock online music community follows concerts we broadcast live on the SoCoRock Radio Network. They can be anywhere in the world, from California to Japan to Germany to Iceland. If you are a band, they are showing up at your concert using a new dimension of experience.

Bands who play virtual venues such as what SoCoRock provides can promote in advance to their own followings online and offline. People can listen from anywhere in the world, so the promotion goes to everyone who has an Internet connection and headphones.

Bands are encouraged to build a good format to their live set, including talking between songs and building conversations to keep their audience around the world engaged and excited to listen. Think of it as the most intimate concert you will ever have, but with the paradoxical property of it reaching around the globe in realtime.

We’re currently offering this service to you on a trial basis. So if you’re a band or artist in Sonoma County, and you would like the opportunity to be broadcast across the planet, contact us and we’ll give you the low-down.

SoCoRock team coming together

We’re starting to feel like a real team here. Amanda and Bianca are both on board to take over parts of SoCoRock – Amanda will be doing band interviews, and Bianca is doing our website design. I (Jordan) am very happy about this – the more talented people we can get on our team the better SoCoRock will become. We’ve already seen a complete transformation of our website due to tireless work by Bianca and I (I’m just the grunt that makes sure all of the back-end bits are in order, she makes it pretty 😉 ). Amanda is showing tremendous motivation to get out there and not only meet with bands, but help record live shows as well. We’re really lucky to have both of them on our team!

From the get-go, we have also had the help of Joel, which has been helping me with a lot of back-end stuff, such as the artist track submission functionality, and even a bunch of business-end and future-looking advise. SoCoRock is very happy to have him on our team as well, bringing a very professional edge to our chaos that is trying to make this thing stand up on its own. Thanks, Joel!!

We’re getting there, folks – stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue to raise the pillars to go live!