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VIDEO: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine @ The Phoenix (Petaluma, CA)

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine perform “Holiday in Cambodia” at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on 5/22/15.

December 20th, 2013 @ The Phoenix Theater: No Difference, Push, The Seraphim Rising, and Legal Disiaster


DATE: December 20th, 2013
TIME: 8:00-11:00pm
LOCATION: The Phoenix Theater
PERFORMERS: No Difference, Push, The Seraphim Rising, and Legal Disiaster
GENRE: Punk/Ska/Rock
COST: $8

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Legal Disiaster 8:00
The Seraphim Rising 8:45
PUSH 9:30
No Difference 10:15
There’s 4 awesome bands playing so try to catch the whole show if you can.

8:00, all-ages, $8 at the door or you can buy tickets ahead of time on the phoenix theater website or at the phoenix theater it’s self.

VIDEO: PUSH – “Professional Gold Digger” (Acoustic) @ The Phoenix

Local Petaluma power punk/alternative trio Push met up with us at The Phoenix to show us an acoustic version of a song from their new album “Destroying Suburbia”. Check it out!

SoCoRock Interview: PUSH (CD Release) – August, 2013

PUSH - Destroying Suburbia

The boys from P.U.S.H. have got their new album called “Destroying Suburbia” ready for you – they graced us with an acoustic version of the song “Professional Gold Digger” down at The Phoenix Theater and we were able to catch up with them as well. Click below to hear all the good stuff regarding their new album, including the recording process, what they hope to achieve in the upcoming months after its release (on August 31st, 2013) and Henry, the dead mouse.




SoCoRock Interview: Shadow and Substance – June, 2013

Shadow and SubstanceHey kids, it’s time for another SoCoRock interview! Amanda sat down and had a nice, long chat with Gigi O.D. and Davis from the zombie punk band formerly known as Eat the Undead. They’ve changed their name to Shadow and Substance, and they’re here to tell you all about their musical influences, Gigi’s drunk aunt, their motivation to get up every day and create music, the Russian who bought their EP, and the time Gigi made $20 outside The Phoenix for pretending to be a pivotal local punk band member’s long lost daughter. And a whole lot more…so click that little Play button below and prepare to indulge in some bloody, hairy, smelly, intestine-filled Sonoma County punk scene braaaaiiinnns!

VIDEO: Push – The Struggle

Live Music Video for PUSH performing “The Struggle” off of their new album Hometown Heroes. Features footage from Push’s performance at SoCoRock Presents!

New Album: “Hometown Heroes” on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hometown-heroes/id525896130
Bandcamp: http://officialpush.bandcamp.com/album/hometown-heroes


SoCoRock Interview: Push – June, 2012


The girls are at it again, this time giving you some sweet goodness from Petaluma’s own Push! If you like the punk-pop tunes of Blink 182, Green Day and others, these guys won’t disappoint. Listen to them make fun of each other (and maybe learn a bit at the same time!) right here on SoCoRock.com – just click below to hear it.

VIDEO: 14 Planets Out to Lunch – Dropout

“14 Planets Out to Lunch” is a great punk rock band from Cotati, California that played this song, “Dropout” at The Phoenix Theatre earlier last year. These guys are very reminiscent of early Green Day – I saw them perform at Unity Music a couple of years ago and they were absolutely fantastic. Check it out, and give these guys a good boost on their Facebook page!

Friday, June 22 2012 @ The Phoenix Theater: Our Vinyl Vows, Beta State, One Direction, February Fifth

DATE: Friday, June 22 2012
TIME: 8:00pm-11:00pm
LOCATION: The Phoenix Theater
PERFORMERS: Our Vinyl Vows, Beta State, One Direction, February Fifth
GENRE: Pop Rock, Rock
COST: $10

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Come hear Our Vinyl Vows perform their NEW ALBUM in it’s entirety, plus a bunch of other great bands! OurVinylVows.com

Saturday, April 21 2012 @ The Phoenix Theatre: Fire Child


DATE: Saturday, April 21 2012
TIME: 8-12
LOCATION: The Phoenix Theatre
GENRE: Indie, alternative, pop, punk rock
COST: $8

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Come out and rock out!! We are featuring 4 brand new never before heard songs plus our new bassist Sam Maher!! its gonna be a ton of fun and we hope you are as pumped as we are!!

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