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Freebie Giveaway, 4/29/2013

It’s time for freebies from SoCoRock! All you’ve got to do is send Jordan@SoCoRock.com an e-mail stating your favorite local band, and you get your choice of freebies (choose 2 for each winner):

+ SoCoRock Local Music Compilation Disc
+ VX36 CD
+ Rest Stop Killers CD
+ Disturbing Dorothy CD
+ Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch Bumper Sticker
+ SoulVent Bumper Sticker

Get these Freebies while they last – It’s first come, first serve!

Saturday, August 18 @ Toad in the Hole Pub: Rest Stop Killers


DATE: Saturday August 18
TIME: 9pm-11pm
LOCATION: Toad in the Hole Pub, Santa Rosa
PERFORMERS: Rest Stop Killers
GENRE: Rock ,Punk,Grunge
COST: Free Show

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Rest Stop Killers are playing a free Show @ Toad in the Hole Pub. Come on out for good food & Music. Hope to see you there.

July 27th @ Chris Club: Rest Stop Killers,L.A.M.E. SPU ReCop

DATE: July 27th
TIME: 8:00pm – 1:30am
LOCATION: Chris Club
PERFORMERS: Rest Stop Killers, L.A.M.E., SPU, ReCop
GENRE: Rock/Metal/Punk/Grunge
COST: $4

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Friday night, July 27th, busy night for music in the bay area. Rest Stop Killers will be joining ReCop, SPU and L.A.M.E .. {Looking at my enemy} @ Chris Club In Vallejo. Doors open @ 8pm, music starts around 10pm. Come on out. $4.. cheap! Hope to see you there.

PODCAST: Rest Stop Killers @ Live Musicians Co-op – June 27, 2012

SoCoRock Live Webcast

They were live on SoCoRock Radio on June 27th – but if you weren’t around to hear it, we’ve got the podcast right here for ya. It’s always more fun to hear it live, remember that – but if this is your first time hearing them, these guys did a fantastic set over at Live Musicians Co-op in Santa Rosa. Definitely worth a listen. Check it out, and keep your ears open for more LIVE rock music broadcasts right here on SoCoRock.com!