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Want a vibrant music scene in 2014?

No Captains at The Rocks

This article about saving local music in San Francisco seems to be speaking to Sonoma County via proxy. This makes for some good New Years reading, to motivating the reader into creating the kind of scene one would want in their hometown.

Some memorable quotes from the article:

And yet, we, the music fans, must know that we influence what happens here.

A lot of venues fail because they’re doing something – or a lot of things – wrong. Conversely, the ones that stay open are doing something right.

The point is this: There is still a lot of good stuff here. The point is also this: It won’t stay here unless you keep going to it.

It’s up to us to support, encourage and thrive – let’s make 2014 a year that will be known to bring the music back to Sonoma County!