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“History Of Sonoma County Bands (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s)”

There’s an unbelievably large and passionate community of local Sonoma County musician vets. There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to the history of Sonoma County bands.

Old concert fliers, band pictures, videos, stories…you have a lot of insight to how music has shaped our geographical area and culture over the years. SoCoRock is very interested to insight from this community – we focus on local rock now-a-days, but a focus on the overall history of the scene in Sonoma County is something that would be absolutely great to add to our site.

We think a semi-regular webcast show about the history of local rock in Sonoma County would be a really fun project. What do you think? I’m imagining talks, old tracks, covering the history of specific groups… Would you tune in for this kind of a show?

Let’s start a comment thread on some of the ideas you have that can help shape how we bring the history of Sonoma County bands to SoCoRock.com.