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New Section – “Friends of SoCoRock”

We’ve just added a new section to the site. “Friends of SoCoRock” is a place where we will list people, projects and other entities that have impressed us and are instrumental (no pun intended) to the Sonoma County rock music scene. Click on Friends to check it out, and please Contact us with any people or projects that *you* have encountered that deserve to be there as well. Rock on!

PODCAST: Sally and Justin (Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast, 6/28/2015)

Sally and Justin - Unsigned Acoustic BroadcastWe made it through our first official Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast yesterday at Live Musicians Co-op!

Here is the broadcast audio from Sally and Justin who were so gracious as to come down and play a couple of songs for us. Thank you both again for the music – enjoy!






P.S. We will be sharing a HQ version later on that was recorded directly from the LMC sound console as well.

P.P.S. Check back tomorrow for audio and pictures from Jamie and Mel, and Jamie (the second Jamie) posted here.

Sunday, June 28 2015: Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast

Unsigned Acoustic Showcase - SoCoRock.com and Live Musicians Co-op

On June 28, 2015 SoCoRock and Live Musicians Co-op are putting on a special broadcast and recorded event. The Unsigned Acoustic Broadcast gives voice to the up-and-coming artists of Northern California.

Are you an aspiring musician or band? Do you have an original song you’d like to share? We’re looking for the best, the worst, the funniest original acoustic songs… and everything in between.

Any UN-amplified or processed instrument(s) are allowed including guitar, bass, piano (one is provided at the studio), drums (including hand drums of all types) and woodwind instruments, singers and vocalists. And, of course, a mix of any of them.

All genres, all styles, all ages and all skill levels are welcome.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

You will gather outside the Live Musicians Co-op new recording room in Santa Rosa, CA on Sunday, June 28th at 1:00pm. People will line up in a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each artist gets 10 minutes to talk and perform one original acoustic song, riff or idea. Everything is broadcast live on SoCoRock.com and also recorded by LMC – The best and most unique performances will be included on a special CD produced by Live Musicians Co-op and SoCoRock.com and showcased online.

Everyone is encouraged to come down and participate, hang out and network with other musicians.

Got a question? Please contact us.

Here is the official flier for the eventpdficon.

Here is the official Facebook event.

New Song: Near Life – “The Deceiver”

Near Life



This new multilayered, energy filled metal track from Near Life will kick your ass and feed it to you for breakfast. Heavy hitting and dynamic riff progressions, amazing drum techique and the screams to clean vocals that make Near Life stand out are all here. Thanks for representing, Near Life!

SoCoRock Interview: Shadow and Substance – June, 2013

Shadow and SubstanceHey kids, it’s time for another SoCoRock interview! Amanda sat down and had a nice, long chat with Gigi O.D. and Davis from the zombie punk band formerly known as Eat the Undead. They’ve changed their name to Shadow and Substance, and they’re here to tell you all about their musical influences, Gigi’s drunk aunt, their motivation to get up every day and create music, the Russian who bought their EP, and the time Gigi made $20 outside The Phoenix for pretending to be a pivotal local punk band member’s long lost daughter. And a whole lot more…so click that little Play button below and prepare to indulge in some bloody, hairy, smelly, intestine-filled Sonoma County punk scene braaaaiiinnns!

Cuban Cigar Crisis releases “feel good hit of the spring”


Our friends Cuban Cigar Crisis have released a new single entitled “Say I Will” – available for your listening pleasure. It’s a warm mix of feel good tones and the unmistakable lyrics of CCC!

Freebie Giveaway, 4/29/2013

It’s time for freebies from SoCoRock! All you’ve got to do is send Jordan@SoCoRock.com an e-mail stating your favorite local band, and you get your choice of freebies (choose 2 for each winner):

+ SoCoRock Local Music Compilation Disc
+ VX36 CD
+ Rest Stop Killers CD
+ Disturbing Dorothy CD
+ Fourteen Planets Out to Lunch Bumper Sticker
+ SoulVent Bumper Sticker

Get these Freebies while they last – It’s first come, first serve!

Crank it up with Live Musicians Co-Op

Jacquelynne Ocaña over at The Bohemian has pumped out a great review and front page article about Live Musician’s Co-op in Santa Rosa. The newly expanded music networking, rehearsal and recording facility off of Piner Road has made some great strides to build the local community up after a previous city council attempted to extinguish the fire that was built in the 90’s by the local scene.

Read the Bohemian article here and be sure to stop by Live Musician’s. This is the start of a brand new thing in SoCo, centered around music, musicians and music fans!

SoCoRock podcasts now in iTunes Store

For all you Apple iPhone/iPod/iTunes users, you can now find and download (for free!) any SoCoRock podcast directly from iTunes! Simply open the iTunes Store within iTunes, and search for “Socorock”. You’ll see our logo amongst the results, and can stream or download any podcast for free.

Download iTunes here.

Video streaming coming soon

Psssst… don’t tell anyone yet, but we’re working on live video streaming. 😉

This means that in the near future, you will be able to experience local Sonoma County concerts (from participating venues) live, including video! This has been our gameplan ever since SoCoRock’s inception. We started with live audio to master the most important (in our opinion anyway) aspect of musical performances. As we have conquered this, it is on to the next challenge.

At this point in time, we have already streamed live video on our site in a private forum. We are currently in our testing phase, and when we get closer to rolling this out to your favorite venue we will let you know. As for now, keep enjoying our live concert podcasts and live broadcasts right here on SoCoRock.com!

VIDEO: 14 Planets Out to Lunch – Dropout

“14 Planets Out to Lunch” is a great punk rock band from Cotati, California that played this song, “Dropout” at The Phoenix Theatre earlier last year. These guys are very reminiscent of early Green Day – I saw them perform at Unity Music a couple of years ago and they were absolutely fantastic. Check it out, and give these guys a good boost on their Facebook page!