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November 17, 2011 @ The Rocks: Honey Badgers, Veronica Page, La Fin Absolute du Monde

DATE:  November 17, 2011, 9:00pm

LOCATION:  The Rocks Bar and Lounge

PERFORMERS:  Honey Badgers, Veronica Page, La Fin Absolute du Monde

COST:  $5


DESCRIPTION OF EVENT:  Go see The Honey Badgers at The Rocks on the 17th, courtesy of IIIE Productions! Honey Badgers are one of the first bands to have songs up in our webcast rotation. Go see this great band along with Veronica Page and La Fin Absolute du Monde at The Rocks next Thursday!!

Podcast: 2011-11-03 @ The Rocks: No Captains

No Captains

No Captains wrapped up the night at The Rocks on November 3rd. A mix of hard rock, funk, progressive and ambient guitar riffs had everyone right up at the stage, dancing and drinking. Alex had no problem curling up in peoples’ laps to serenade them while the others backed her up with a dynamic that they can only call their own.

Listen below for the podcast of their set!

Podcast: 2011-11-03 @ The Rocks: Domenic Bianco

Domenic BiancoDomenic Bianco was at The Rocks to share with us his acoustic set on Friday. A lighthearted and personable guy, Domenic made everyone laugh while he played some great tunes about his life, his family and apparently a first love that went sour… ” ‘You were my first love’…but not anymore, bitch!”

Listen below to hear Domenic’s set from Friday! Don’t forget to find your mom a sober driver, Dom.

Podcast: 2011-11-03 @ The Rocks: Simple Creation

Simple Creation at The Rocks PetalumaSimple Creation, from Roseville, CA was the first band to hit the stage at The Rocks on Friday, November 3rd. Their unique style of reggae rock had everyone moving, grooving and drinking. Travis (vocals, drums) was especially noteworthy as his complex, rhythmic vocals didn’t seem to hamper his solid and unique drumming one bit. A great group to see, no doubt!

Listen below for their live performance at The Rocks!

October 30, 2011 @ The Rocks: Dirty Minds, Yeibichai, Our Vinyl Vows, Biting the Dog

It’s Rock-N-Halloween at THE ROCKS!! IIIE presents FOUR great bands in one night to get your Halloween started:


– Dirty Minds

Our Vinyl Vows

– Biting the Dog

. 21+, $5 at the door or free with your “Wordup” ticket stub. Come see some great local music!