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VIDEO: The King Must Die – “In Blood”

Hot off the YouTube playlist is The King Must Die’s newest music video, “In Blood”.

Visit TKMD’s official website.

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VIDEO: Sally Haggard – “Zombie Song”

Sally Haggard recently released her new music video entitled, “Zombie Song”. Keep an eye out for Sally, an incredible local talent.

VIDEO: Adicript – “Martyrs of the Blanket Hand”

Here’s a new lyric video from prog rockers Adicript of their song, “Martyrs of the Blanket Hand”. A dynamic song structure makes you think and the musical styling / heavy grit will make you want to throw some chairs around the room. Keep an eye out for these guys as they rock more and more heads in Sonoma County.

BIO: Adicript is a Santa Rosa based progressive rock band that strives to bring an uncompromising blend of technical musicianship and accessibility. The band formed in early 2013, with the creative chemistry between guitarist George Allen Cudworth and drummer David Gray as the catalyst, and the addition of singer Dustin Covington as the final piece of the puzzle. Since then, the trio has played numerous gigs, recorded the Ad Initium EP, and produced a large body of constantly evolving material, carefully crafting and refining their sound into something truly special. With George’s driving and articulate guitar work, David’s dynamic and layered drumming, and Dustin’s soaring melodies and poignant lyrics, the band hopes to share their musical vision with the world, and to do their part to bring rock back to the forefront of the music scene.

Check out their other pages:

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,
Reverbnation and Soundcloud.

VIDEO: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine @ The Phoenix (Petaluma, CA)

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine perform “Holiday in Cambodia” at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on 5/22/15.

VIDEO: The Know Nothings – “Psychedelic Mouth”

“Psychedelic Mouth”
Featured single from Bewilderbeast – The first full length album by The Know Nothings.

Compilation of live shots from Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa, The Red house in Walnut Creek, The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, and Aubergine After Dark in Sebastopol. Filmed and edited by Allen Loesch, additional filming credits: Joel Galvan and Jordan Berry.


We’re just scraping the bowls of our pipe dreams
Finding means with our noses in the corner
In room well lit and infinite
Making province on tradition and pocket lint
Painted skies, thick primer normalcy
Red meat and my bootstrap gumption
21 gun salute
To bid adieu to salvation
Perfect morons beat chests
For oxymoronic bliss
Star spangled smiles ain’t biased
Because god’s on our side, choke down the biggest lie
Belaboring naïveté
You trip on truth like a bad drug
In a life of severed tongues I’m taking cause with
My psychedelic mouth
Well you wrote the song that started the whole world dying
And I sing, sing, sing
We coexist in dissonance, you are the blindfold hymn
I’m the caged bird beating my lungs
And leave here breathless
I don’t mind
I cleanse these lungs of stale air
This nothing you cycle to us
No matter the amount of time
No matter if they collapse
Nor if I’m the death or life of the matter
This is a matter of fact
Well you wrote the song that started the whole world dying
And I sing, sing, sing
We coexist in dissonance, you are the blindfold hymn
I’m the caged bird beating my lungs
Star spangled smiles ain’t biased
Because god’s on our side, choke down the biggest lie
Belaboring naïveté
You trip on truth like a bad drug
I distort the wool in your eyes taking cause with
My psychedelic mouth

VIDEO: Zen Arcadia – “Being Born”

Alternative rock/punk from Sacramento, CA releases new music video, “Being Born”

From Zen Arcadia’s upcoming album “Earthquakes”

Copyright 2014

Zen Arcadia



Produced, mixed, & mastered by Brendan Duffey



Video created by Zen Arcadia

Additional live video provided by:

Shawn Ernst @ Threat Con Radio

VIDEO: Manzanita Falls LIVE @ Hopmunk Tavern (Sebastopol, CA)

Check out the dynamic folk/indie rock group Manzanita Falls from their live show at Hopmunk Tavern in Sebastopol on August 15, 2014.

Big thanks to Burning Token for yet another great quality live video.

VIDEO: Toy Called God – “Down”

Brentwood, California’s got a powerhouse on their hands. Toy Called God just released their new music video, “Down”. Directed by Mike Sloat of The King Must Die, it tells the story of something almost anyone can relate to – a bad relationship.

From video description:

Toy Called God Official video for the song Down, from the 2014 release Guns God and Steel. Directed and produced by Mike Sloat. Copyright 2014 Toy Called God All Rights reserved.

Band Website Bio:

\m/ (◣_◢) \m/ Destroying entire towns in single nights, warping your minds and sucking your brains dry, keeping chiropractors in business performing neck-cranial adjustments. \m/(⋋▂⋌)\m/
Toy Called God is a groove Metal band from Brentwood California that mixes crushing distortion, great hooks and an amazing ability to make your head bang involuntarily. The band was started when Tyson Cliff, Patrick Donovan, Zack Cliff and Mike Rukavina met at Zack’s house for the first time. The four then placed an ad for a bassist, and soon Dustin Phillips was added to the Toy Called God mix. Soon after Mike was dismissed from the lineup. TCG released our demo “Only One Menace” in Jan 2011. We went onto win William May’s Rock N Roll Pages’, Band Of The Year, Best New Band, Song of the Year, Guitarist of the Year behind that demo and a relentless schedule of shows and a strong marketing campaign in 2011. The band released our Debut CD August 5th 2012 with Kill Devil Hill in Oakland California. The band would release the Only One Menace video soon thereafter. Having played shows all over the west coast as well as well other places, the band won Top Overall Honors in the 2013 Project Independent contest and will be playing dates on the Project Independent Tour in 2014. Radio Riff also voted Only One Menace from the band’s debut album Song Of The Year “Riffie” award for 2013. Since inception the band has developed relationships with and endorses and recommends, Fireplant Guitars, Warwick Basses, HomeWrecker Pickups, Steve Clayton Picks, Knucklehead Strings, Pick Caddy, Soul Tone Cymbals and Sure Fuck Cologne. Our second cd Guns God and Steel is due this April. We hope to see you all soon.Toy Called is Tyson Cliff, Dustin Phillips, Patrick Donovan and Josh Reynolds.

VIDEO: Cuban Cigar Crisis – “The Cad”

SoCoRock favorites Cuban Cigar Crisis have done it again. Check out their latest music video, entitled “The Cad”. A seemingly odd time signature gives a tug+pull effect, yet reveals itself as standard 8/4. A great song accompanied by a very well made ‘rustic’ video with a colonial/oppressive theme – 2014 alternative rock at its best.

VIDEO: The King Must Die – “Your Grip is”

Metalers “The King Must Die” have come out with a brand spanking new video, called “Your Grip is”. This is the first music video from TKMD, directed by Mike Sloat, shot by Mike Collins, Jason Pedri & Joey Famelli.

VIDEO: The Know Nothings – “Abolition”

Here’s another new metal video for you, this time from The Know Nothings out of Santa Rosa, CA called Abolition! From description: ‘Abolition’ recorded by The Know Nothings at NB Recording, in Santa Rosa, Ca. Video by Mark Of The Bear Media.